Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance Review 2023

Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance

Standard Bank’s home contents insurance protects South Africans’ personal belongings at home. Due to country’s high rate of housebreaking, South Africans’ home contents are among their most vulnerable assets. Every year, housebreaking affects hundreds of thousands of households, and millions of household items are stolen.

Home contents insurance has never been more popular in South Africa. Many South Africans are becoming wiser and have realised that purchasing home contents insurance is an excellent way to protect their possessions. However, there are a few things to think about before buying home contents insurance. Where, for example, do you get your home contents insurance? This is significant because it determines what you are protected against.

Using Standard Bank Insurance brokers as your top choice to protect your home contents can prove to be a good idea. Standard Bank insurance brokers provide a home contents insurance product that is ideal for any household in South Africa. Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance is underwritten by:

Companies used are hand-picked by Standard Bank so that clients can get one of the best home contents insurance in South Africa. 

Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance Summary 

Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance protects against theft, fire, and storm damage. The policy protects the policyholder’s personal belongings. Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance also covers members of the policyholder’s household.

The term “home contents” refers to all personal belongings kept in the home. Since they can be used on the go or at home, some home contents, such as laptops, can be insured as both portable possessions and home contents.

The insured contents are those kept at the policy owner’s registered address. Home contents that are insured can be in the registered address’s main building or outbuildings; thus, home contents are covered as long as they are inside a building structure within the property address registered with Standard Bank Insurance Brokers.

What is covered by Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance

The Home Contents Insurance policy covers a wide range of incidents that may result in the loss or damage of home contents. Fire and explosion are covered, which can cause home contents to burn, be damaged, or be lost in an explosion. As a policyholder, you are protected against theft and other intentional acts beyond your control.

Natural disasters are also covered by the product. Clients are protected against wind, storm, lightning, hail, flood, snow, and earthquakes. Your home’s contents will be protected against a variety of natural disasters as well.

Home contents insurance covers falling trees. Trees falling is a covered incident, and it is covered to the extent that the tree fell due to natural weather or a landslide. If the tree was being cut down when it fell and damaged home contents, Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance will not cover such loss or damage.

Falling trees are covered by home contents insurance. Tree falling is covered if the tree fell due to natural weather or a landslide. Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance will not cover loss or damage caused by a falling tree while the tree was being cut down.

The product covers accidental damage of home contents. These include accidental damage to television sets, furniture, and other items. If a covered incident compromises the security of one’s home, temporary housing is available.

What is not covered 

Intentional damage to home contents by the policy owner or by the members of his/her household doesn’t form part of the cover. Theft that is intentionally caused by the policy owner is not covered. Money is not covered by the Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance. 

Benefits of Home Contents 

Intentional damage to home contents caused by the policyholder or members of his or her household is not covered. Theft committed on purpose by the policyholder is not covered. The Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance does not cover money.

Standard Bank Home Contents offers home contents insurance that is suitable for any South African household. In addition to being consumer-friendly, the policy also provides competitive quotes. Customers can obtain up to five online quotes from South Africa’s leading insurers. Customers can choose from the best service providers in South Africa while looking for the best quote to fit their budget and insurance needs.

The home contents insurance policy is adaptable. You have the option of purchasing comprehensive or limited home contents insurance. Limited Cover offers limited coverage for home contents at a low premium.

UCount Rewards are available to Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance policyholders. When a policyholder activates their Home Contents Insurance, they are automatically enrolled in the UCount Rewards program. Members also receive 50 UCount tiering points every month.

Advantages of Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance

  • You can insure as many household items as you want.
  • The amount of coverage can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual.
  • The insurance product is flexible because you can choose between comprehensive and limited coverage.
  • UCount Rewards are included with Standard Bank Home Contents insurance.
  • You receive quotes from various insurers that you can compare to find the best quote for you.

Disadvantages of Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance

  • Underwriting of the product is through a third party.
  • There is no cashback benefit on the product.


Standard Bank Home Contents Insurance offers home contents insurance products that are ideal for anyone in the market for home contents insurance. The fact that you can personalize the product by adding whatever covers you want makes it more convenient to use. Subscribers will be able to use the cover of their choice rather than a one-size-fits-all cover.

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