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Sanlam Business Risk Management Review 2022

Business risk management

Sanlam business risk management is a Sanlam service that assists business owners in continuing to operate their firms in a variety of situations. With Sanlam Business Risk Management, business owners can protect essential aspects of their operations. Micro and macroeconomic factors put your company at danger, and some of these are inevitable. Sanlam provides risk management services to secure your company’s survival in difficult times.

Sanlam will assist your company with risk management and insurance needs in addition to providing risk management services. Your company’s most essential regions will be insured as a result of this approach. By implementing Sanlam risk management solutions in your company, you will be able to focus on growing your business rather than defending it.

Sanlam’s risk management products

Market inefficiencies, micro and macro issues put any firm at risk. To deal with these issues, you’ll need a strategy in place that can protect your company in the event of a crisis. Prepare for any political, legislative, competitive, societal, and other influences on your company. Because each organization operates inside its own industry, it’s also critical to establish a strategy that works for you.

In business, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution; your company requires solutions that are built precisely for it. Sanlam offers solutions to mitigate the dangers that your company may encounter. Sanlam’s solutions aren’t 100 percent effective in mitigating all of the hazards that your company can encounter. These alternatives, on the other hand, will reduce risks and, in most circumstances, prepare you for approaching bad occurrences.

Sanlam’s solutions cover asset protection, overhead protection, debt protection, and credit loan account protection. The security of these sectors of business will aid your company’s survival, therefore let’s go over each Sanlam solution.

1. Sanlam Asset Protection

Assets are the cash-generating possessions, making them the most critical for a company’s survival. Because assets are valuable, a company must safeguard them in order to stay in business. The first step to gaining peace of mind while running a business is to ensure that your business assets are safeguarded. Sanlam provides a risk management solution to safeguard your company’s assets.

Your assets will be safeguarded at all times, ensuring the continuity of your business operations. It is expensive to not insure corporate assets. This might cost you your entire business and force it to close.

To protect your business assets and/or legacy then you can arrange with Sanlam to devise a strategy that suits your business assets need. For comprehensive asset protection needs analysis you can click here.

2. Protection of credit loan accounts

Because business capital arrangements incorporate loans from owners. If an owner dies, these loans may not be safeguarded. You may need a life insurance policy for owners to put safeguards on such debts. The loss of a key shareholder or member can affect corporate operations in a variety of ways. A corporation may fail as a result of the death of a major stakeholder or important employee.

Because such occurrences are unforeseeable, you must protect your company against them. If a business fails, creditors may expect their money, which might be disastrous. Shareholders, for example, may be left with nothing to redeem from a company under liquidation. Sanlam business risk management assists companies in preparing for such situations. The most likely ways to assure business continuation during such catastrophes are keyman insurance or life insurance for directors and shareholders.

The loan account solution

Sanlam provides loan account guarantee to protect the business owner’s life. If a business owner becomes disabled or dies, the loan account assurance will pay out a sum equivalent to the loan account after inheritance taxes are deducted. The business will be able to repay the debt thanks to this coverage, and its capital structures will be protected. The credit loan account solution’s goal is to ensure that money borrowed from a property owner is reimbursed. Even if the company repays the loan, the loan account cover ensures that money is paid to the owner’s estate before being returned to the company.

3. Sanlam Protection of debit loan accounts

This solution safeguards the company’s finances in the event that the owner takes out a loan. Because owners frequently take loans from their businesses, the Sanlam business risk management debit loan account solution protects the company’s financial interests in the event that the owner passes away.

If a business owner takes money from the business and suffers a chronic injury or dies, the owner’s heirs will be unable to repay the debt. Because it will cover the loan on behalf of the deceased owner, the Debit loan solution becomes critical.

4. Sanlam Business Overhead protection

When a co-owner dies a business faces many hurdles. Those in charge of governance in the business may still need to adjust to new the development of the passing on of a partner. Also, finding a replacement will be even a bigger task. While doing all this, the business will be incurring overheads. These overheads will need financing.

At this point, a company will be facing liabilities and would be caught in a dilemma to choose which accounts to pay. To avoid all these scenarios, a business needs to protect its overheads at any time. The Sanlam business risk management overhead protector solution from Sanlam covers a business should a co-owner die. This solution pays out a lump sum to assist the business to pay its administrative and operating expenses.


Sanlam Business Risk Management solutions provide a great sense of security for business owners. By adopting these solutions, the business owners will then have not to worry but focus on growing their businesses instead of worrying about what will happen if they die.

Sanlam’s business management solutions offer business solutions that cement business existence. These solutions are revolutionary in the sense that they manage to safeguard key areas of a business. Taking one or more of the solutions from Sanlam is the best way to secure your business operations.



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