Standard Bank MarketLink Investment Account Review 2022

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Parddon Khumalo

Standard Bank MarketLink Investment account is a type of savings account offered by Standard Bank. It is intended for emergency savings. The minimum deposit required to open the account is R1000.00, and it offers variable monthly nominal interest rates ranging from 0.75 percent to 2.50 percent. It accepts limitless deposits and offers two no-fee withdrawals. The account is best suited for rainy day savings, as withdrawal terms are not restrictive.


Standard Bank offers some of the most competitive savings accounts in South Africa.


When applying you will need:

  • Your South African ID
  • Proof of residence (not older than three months)
  • Minors will need the consent of a parent or guardian
  • You need a minimum deposit of R1000.00 to open the account

Cash deposits and withdrawals

Using the MarketLink investing account is identical to using your complete transactional account in terms of deposits and withdrawals. The account is not restricted in terms of the quantity of deposits and withdrawals that can be made. However, despite the fact that you have limitless deposits, you will only receive two complimentary ATM cash deposits, with the remainder subject to a deposit fee.


Additionally, you receive one complimentary inter-account transfer in-app, online, at ATMs, or via your phone. Banks have recently promoted the usage of their mobile apps and internet services by lowering the fees associated with transactions conducted through these platforms. As a result, you are urged to save money on transactional fees by utilizing mobile apps and online self-services.

How easy can I access my funds?

Access to your assets is one of the distinct savings requirements and needs that you must consider when selecting a savings account. The MarketLink investment account from Standard Bank enables you to access your savings cash whenever the need arises. To gain access to your funds, you must link your MarketLink account to an existing debit card or apply for a new card at a Standard bank branch.

By linking the account, you can view or access it from a Standard Bank ATM or through the Internet banking service. To keep your MarketLink account active, you must maintain a minimum balance of R50. While balances less than R1000 do not earn interest, the account must not be withdrawn to zero to remain operational.

Standard Bank MarketLink Investment Account Interest rate

Balance BandsMonthly nominal rates
R0 – R 9990%
R1 000 – R4 9990.75%
R5 000 – R19 9990.85%
R20 000 – R99 9991.35%
R100 000 – R999 9992.30%
R 1000 000 & above2.50%
Standard Bank MarketLink Investment Account Interest rate

Interest is calculated daily and paid out to your account monthly. The interest rate is based on your account balance, below we show interest rates quoted as per annum rates:

The MarketLink investment account’s interest rates have a sharp sudden increase when your account reaches a R20 000 balance.

Competitive advantages of the MarketLink investment account

  • Flexibility, the account functions as if it’s a transactional account with no limits to the number of transactions you might make in the account.
  • Linked accounts, the MarketLink investment account can link your debit, cheque or credit cards. This gives you convenience whenever you want to make a transaction.
  • No monthly fees, you get to freely use a bank account without having to pay any fixed monthly fees usually classified as service fees.

Competitive disadvantages of the MarketLink investment account

The interest rates only start to be competitive on large amounts which makes it hard to see the returns of savings on small amounts.


MarketLink investment accounts are an excellent option to save money that you expect to access frequently. It enables you to link the account to your most frequently used cards, allowing you to conduct transactions as desired. If, on the other hand, you like to save toward a specified goal, you may wish to explore the Flexi Advantage account, which offers a fixed competitive interest rate. During the investing term of the Flexi Advantage account, you may withdraw up to 40% of your initial contribution.

Standard Bank MarketLink Investment Account Review 2022
Parddon Khumalo

Published by
Parddon Khumalo