FinMeUp review 2022

Type Private
Industry Fintech
Founded 2019
Founders Mr Higgo van Biljon
Mr Louis van Biljon
Key employees Mr Higgo van Biljon (CEO)
Website Finmeup.co.za

FinMeUp is a fintech startup whose primary focus is sharing technical and actionable financial information with end-users. The company was founded in 2019 by Higgo and Louis van Biljon.

A revolutionary product, FinMeUp is providing financial education like no other company in South Africa.

We are used to blogs and podcasts, but FinMeUp is at a level of its own. The company does things differently than other companies in the same business.

FinMeUp gives insights on investments, startup analysis, and economic analysis. With the FinMeUp mobile app, you get to participate in quizzes, access the best stock picks, and listen to podcasts and other important information.

6 interesting features on the FinMeUp app

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are starting to become popular and many sites are converting their content into podcasts.

It is no surprise that a company like FinMeUp would use podcasts to communicate.

FinMeUp podcast usually covers news, guides and insights on stocks, crypto, markets and other investing information. On average the company uploads a podcast every 3 days.

One of the most interesting podcasts on the website is “The Power of Why?”, recorded by Higgo.

Higgo speaks about asking yourself, why do you do certain things in life like, why do you invest in the first place?.

Higgo’s podcast on ‘the power of why?’ is synonymous with ‘Start with the why’ book by Simon Sinek.

The most amazing thing is that this internationally acclaimed content is designed for the South African market.

2. Discussion Forum

It is very uncommon to ask a question on a discussion forum and get a timely response on websites but FinMeUp does this so well on their discussion forum.

Moreover, not only does the FinMeUp team get to answer questions from users but peers can also engage and answer questions.

The forum has been set up like Quora but with the answers and questions from both the administrators and users.

Users get to ask questions about the market and other questions directed to the FinMeUp team.

The team answers within a short space of time, you won’t have to wait for hours for a response.

When we were going through some of the answers provided by the FinMeUp team to its users, we found that most users were satisfied with the responses.

However, some questions didn’t have any answers or contributions from the users.

Otherwise, the overall overview of the discussion forum was positive and informative with serious questions tackled.

Although the company is still small with just over 1000 users there is huge potential for the forum in the near future.

3. Stock picks

This is the most interesting feature of the app. Not only can you download the FinMeUp app for financial education but also to make money.

This section is very important as it will help you in making money.

It is not just a simple pick of stocks but rather the section offers a pick on a certain stock and offers a narrative on why such stock is selected.

The narrative is very impressive as it gives an analysis of the stock chosen.

You get a recommended buying price and a recommended sell. With such information making financial decisions can be easy.

You can track down the selected stocks and study them on your own using the reasons provided and make sound investment decisions.

In all the information provided on this function, the company specifies that you are at your own liberty to make your own decisions.

Therefore, all the information provided is simply a guideline that you can use. This is very understandable because not all forecasts go as planned.

4. Prediction results

Since you have done some groundwork on investing, things tend to get technical here.

With predictions results, you get weekly updates on how your selected stocks have been doing throughout the week.

This function shows how weekly picks have performed. There are two categories of stocks in this feature; South African stocks and ETFs and American stocks.

You can safely say this is like a demo trading account that you can use to showcase your investing skills.

Since there is more to learn on the FinMeUp app you will spend more time on this feature seeing how predictions are going.

5. Summaries

This function gives you access to summaries of podcasts. Not a top function on the FinMeUp App but it serves a great purpose.

It can do wonders if you read it before listening to a podcast.

Since many listen to podcasts while busy with an activity like driving or exercising, using this feature to refresh your memory later can go a long way toward resuscitating your memory about the subject.

6. FinMeUni

FinMeUni gives you the privilege of information on finance. You will gain access to knowledge in tax, budgeting, investing, setting up a business, negotiating, Forex and more.

By getting started with FinMeUni not only will you gain access to financial information but you will be part of the elite financial network.

Also, you get access to tutors to help you across all formats of your financial literature.


FinMeUp is showing huge potential growth as a fintech startup with its ability to harness technology at the level it does.

For a startup like FinMeUp, there is a huge market for growth and expansion.

The products offered by FinMeUp are unique and mainly strategic to the South African market.

As much as there is a potential for growth and expansion there is also a fertile market that FinMeUp is sowing on in South Africa.

For example when using Google or Bing to search for ‘Stock tips’, nearly 100% of the first page is filled with foreign content that has got little or nothing to do with South Africa.

FinMeUp is bridging the gap between local and foreign financial information by replacing international content with local content.

The company has managed to register more than 1000 app users within the first year. This is a milestone that has been achieved by a few startups in South Africa.

FinMeUp review 2022

Lethabo Ntsoane

Lethabo Ntsoane holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of South Africa. He is a Financial Product commentator at Rateweb. He is an expect financial product analyst with years of experience in reviewing products and offering commentary. Lethabo majors in financial news, reviews and financial tips. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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