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Discovery Vitality is a rewards program that provides up to 75% in discounts and up to 40% in cash back rewards. Discovery Vitality has a monthly membership fee of R329.

Additional members can be added to the Vitality Premium for an additional R70.00, for a total of R399.00 for the main member + 1 additional member. The monthly membership fee is R465.00 for 2 additional members and the member.

Individuals can also obtain the Discovery Vitality Active, which is available to those on the Discovery Health Medical Scheme or the Discovery Life product. Discovery Vitality Active is available for R99.00 per month.

Additional members can be added to the Vitality Active membership for R59.00 per month. Children under the age of 18 can join the Discovery Vitality Active rewards program for free.

Discovery Premium Members can save up to 75% on flights with Discovery Vitality Travel. Vitality Travel also offers up to 25% off hotel rooms when traveling.

Members can save money and earn cash back through the Discovery Vitality Program. We discuss the Vitality program’s savings and cash back benefits.

Discovery Vitality

There are numerous ways to earn discounts and cash back through Discovery Vitality. This is determined by where a member spend his/her money. Below, we look at how to earn discounts and cash back with the Vitality program.

Vitality Travel

The Discovery Vitality Travel provides Vitality members with travel discounts based on their tiering position. On domestic and international flights, Vitality Travel offers discounts ranging from 10% to 75%.

Airlink, British Airways, CemAir, Emirates, FlySafair, Lift, South African Airways, and Qantas are among the airlines offering discounted flights.

Vitality Travel offers accommodation discounts ranging from 10% to 25%. Protea Hotels, Sun International, and Southern Sun hotels are eligible for discounts.

When traveling, car reservations are also discounted. When renting a car from Europcar or Tempest Car Hire, Discovery Vitality Travel offers discounts ranging from 10% to 25%.

Vitality Miles

Discovery’s Vitality miles allows you to earn Vitality points by driving well. This program is unique as it monitors the way you drive. The program is there to encourage South Africans to become better drivers and stay safe on the road.

With the discovery miles program, you earn points depending on how well you drive. You first need to join the Vitality drive program so that you can start earning points. To become a member of the Vitality Miles you need to sign up to Discovery insure.

After signing up for Discovery insure then your Vitality drive will be active. You can then earn up to 50% cashback on fuel at BP and Shell garage. However, for a 50% cashback on fuel you will need to do the following :

  • Install a Vitality Drive Sensor at any Tyger Wheel and Tyre.
  • Link your Vitality Drive card, and

To earn points you need to use your Vitality Drive card when filling up at BP and Shell.

Vitality Money

Vitality money is there to help you stay financially healthy. You will earn points for banking and managing your finances well. By changing your spending habits and using the recommendations from Vitality Money you will get to make sound financial decisions.

Here are 5 tips that can earn you Vitality money points and get you to be financially healthy.

  • Saving regularly
  • Paying off your property
  • Investing for long term
  • Insuring yourself against unforeseen events
  • Spending less than what you earn

These 5 behavioural factors are important to your financial well-being that goes beyond retirement. If you follow these financial tips you will be able to save for retirement, have emergency funds and have favourable debt by meeting all your financial obligations.

The Vitality Money feature has five stages and by climbing to the highest point you get to earn more points. Five stages include blue, bronze, silver, gold and diamond status. The figure below depicts how many points you need to achieve for the different statuses:

Status Points
Blue Less than 39 999
Bronze Between 40 000 – 59 999 points
Silver Between 60 000 – 79 999 points
Gold More than 80 000 points

The Diamond status is the highest status that one can achieve and is dependent on the amount of salary that one earns.

It also has a prerequisite that as a Vitality member you also need to be on the gold status. Here are the annual income requirements:

Annual income Savings needed for diamond status
Less tthan R350,000.00 R20,000.00
Between RR350,000.00 and R850,000.00 R45,000.00
More than R50,000.00 R100,000.00

As you can see to achieve the highest status and get higher Vitality points it means you need to have money in your savings account. So you save for emergencies while earning points.

Vitality Health

You can earn points with Vitality Health by staying active, eating well, and performing all of your health checks. To earn a high percentage point total, you must first obtain diamond status.

To participate in the Discovery Health program, you must have a medical aid administered by Discovery Health. The 3 main factors that determine your point are eating healthy, getting active, and performing relevant health checks.

A Vitality health check can be performed at an accredited Vitality wellness centre, Vitality wellness network pharmacy, discovery store, or Discovery wellness day. Blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, weight, and a non-smoker declaration are among the tests performed.

By doing health checks you can earn up to 22 500 points of Vitality health points. This is subject to the number of times your results may indicate an elevated risk of developing a lifestyle-related disease.

For further checks, you can earn more points based on your gender and age. Here are further health checks that you can make including maximum points that you can earn:

Check to perform Maximum points to earn
Pap smear 2 500
Mammogram 2 500
Colonoscopy 2 500
Glaucoma Screening 2 500
HIV test 7 500
Dental health check 1 000
Flu vaccination 1 000

Vitality Rewards

With vitality, you can earn up to 100% back in points and up to 75% cashback. Here are vitality rewards that you can take advantage of:

  • save up to 25% on select Vitality Active Rewards redemptions worth 350 Discovery Miles or more based on your Vitality Health status.
  • Vitality Drive members get up to 50% of fuel spend back at BP and Shell, plus enjoy up to 25% off Uber trips.
  • As a Vitality Money member, you get up to 20% back on your fuel spend at BP and selected Shell garages service stations. Plus get up to 20% back on Uber trips.
  • You can get up to 15% back with Contiki, Royal Caribbean International and World Leisure Holidays.
  • Vitality health members get up to 75% back when shopping at Pick’ n Pay and Woolworths.

Advantages of Discovery Vitality Rewards Program 

  • Members get discounts of up to 75%.
  • There is an iPhone 14 benefit that members can take advantage of. 
  • Vitality Active members can get a fitness device that can be funded by staying fit. 
  • There are lifestyle, shopping, banking, travelling, and health rewards. 
  • Can boost rewards when getting additional products from Discovery. 
  • Discovery miles can be earned when making purchases and the miles can be turned to cash. 
  • Access to private lounges when travelling. 
  • Free Vitality points for doing health checks. 

Disadvantages of Discovery Vitality Rewards Program

  • To get the highest discounts, you need to get multiple products from Discovery. 
  • The rewards program charges a monthly fee. 


As the first behavioural bank in the world Discovery Bank has done a pretty unusual job with the Vitality rewards program. Since Discovery medical scheme is the biggest in South Africa, many South Africans will benefit from this reward program by eating healthy and managing their health hence living longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Vitality?

Vitality is a rewards program from Discovery limited that gives rewards for better driving, healthy choices and good money management.

2. What is Vitality Money?

Vitality Money is a reward program from Discovery Bank that rewards clients for making better banking decisions.

3. What do I get for banking better?

For banking better with Discovery bank, you get a chance to earn higher interest on savings and Discovery Vitality money points. Furthermore, your Vitality money status will increase.

4. What are the stages on the Vitality Money?

There are five stages on the Vitality Money namely blue, bronze, silver, gold and diamond.

5. What is the difference between Vitality and Vitality Money?

Vitality is a science-based program that encourages healthy activity among individuals while Vitality Money is for those with Discovery bank accounts and they earn points by being financially responsible.

6. What is Vitality health?

Vitality health is mainly focused on the health activities of a medical health insurance owner.

7. What is Vitality Miles?

The Vitality miles track how those with Discovery car insurance travel and rewards them for travelling in a responsible way.

8. How can I achieve a diamond status on Vitality?

It depends on which discovery Vitality reward you are targeting to achieve. Vitality health, money and mile all have different requirements to reach the diamond status.

9. What is the fuel cash back that I can get on Discovery Miles?

You can get up to 50% back on fuel with Discovery Miles.

10. Where can I install my Vitality drive sensor?

You can install the Vitality drive sensor at any participating Tyger Wheel and Tyre countrywide.

11. Who qualifies for iPhone benefit?

To qualify for an iPhone benefit you need to open a cheque account with Discovery bank and then open a credit facility as well. Therefore, you need to have a credit facility with Discovery bank to qualify for the iPhone benefit.

12. How many percent discount do I get if I drive less?

With Discovery insure you get up to 20% back if you drive less than 250km per month.

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