Absa Business Evolve Zero Account Review 2022

Absa Business Evolve Zero Account

The Absa Business Evolve Zero Account is an account for sole proprietors. This account was first introduced in 2020 to help sole proprietors bank better and have to access to accounting resources that medium and large enterprises have easy access to. The bank account comes at no monthly cost with billing done at a transactional level. 

The Absa Business Evolve Zero Account comes with a complimentary cash flow manager whereby business owners can now get access to business analytical data in real-time. Now sole proprietors can produce online quotes, create invoices and access full payroll features at no additional cost. 

Sole traders can now manage their financials at a go by simply opening the Absa Business Evolve Zero Account. The account further enables entrepreneurs to generate VAT reports so that they can always stay up to date with SARS VAT compliance. 

The Absa Business Evolve Zero Account is suitable for sole traders who don’t transact much. This is because the account is a pay as you transact account so the more transactions made the higher the cost of any additional transaction. 

Absa Business Evolve Zero Account Summary 

The Absa Business Evolve Zero Account is a pay as you transact business account for sole traders. The account charges a monthly service fee of R0.00. For a sole proprietor to qualify for the Business Evolve Zero Account, they must have an annual turnover of R0.00 to R5,000,000.00.

The Business Evolve Zero Account has adopted a progressive billing system for transactions. The first five transactions for any type of transaction come at a low rate if not for free, however, transactions exceeding 5 per month nearly double in cost. If more transactions are made the more expensive the transactions will be depending on the transaction tier. 

The account comes with 24/7 access to Absa online banking so that entrepreneurs can operate their businesses at any time. The account gives account holders access to the services desk where a team of bankers are available to assist clients with their daily banking needs. 

Entrepreneurs get value-added services when they open the business evolve account. They can generate VAT reports, create invoices and make online quotations. They can transact online without having to worry about any system downtime. 

Absa Business Evolve Zero Account Benefits

  1. The account charges a monthly service fee of R0.00.
  2. There is tiered pricing on electronic transactions. 
  3. Business owners get one account number for life which is retained even when the business upgrades or downgrades its business account internally.
  4. Comes with a Visa debit card to assist sole proprietors with the day to day cash withdrawals, cash-free payments and purchases. 
  5. Businesses get 24/7 access to the Absa digital platforms at no additional cost. 
  6. Option to get secondary debit cards and personalisation of debit cards. 
  7. Access to the self-service portal through Absa ATMs, Absa supported ATMs and Absa branch networks. 
  8. Businesses get access to a cashflow manager at no additional cost. 
  9. Comes with zero fees on Absa inter-account transfers and Absa to Absa internal debit orders. 
  10. Can view business statements on the Absa online banking profile or receive statements via email. 

Absa Business Evolve Zero Account Fees 2022

#Fee descriptionFee per transaction 
1Monthly Administration FeeR0.00 
2Payments of first 5 transactionsR1. 45
3Payments of 6 – 10 transactions R2.50
4Immediate payments to first 5 transactions R8.00
5Payments of 11 – 190 transactions R10.00
6Payments of 190 plus transactions R15.00
7Immediate payment of over 5 transactions R49.00
8First 5 debit order transactions R3.50
9Debit orders between 6 – 10 transactions R6.00
10Debit orders between 11 – 15 transactions R19.00
11Card purchases for the first 10 transactionsFree
12Card purchases between 11 – 30 transactions R4.20
13Debit orders of more than 15 transactions R25.00
14Card purchases between 31 – 80 transactions R6.00
15Over 80 card purchases R10.00
16Internal account transfersFree
17Internal debit ordersFree
18Digital banking subscription Free
19Cashflow manager offeringFree
20Visa Debit cardFree
Absa Business Evolve Zero Account Fees and Rates 2021

Competitive Advantages of the Absa Business Evolve Zero Account

  • Can switch debit orders to the business evolve zero account. 
  • The account offers value-added services such as VAT reports, invoicing system and quoting system for free.
  • The account has a zero rands monthly service fee. 
  • Can choose between the Business Evolve Zero Account and the Islamic Business Evolve Zero Account. 
  • The account offers a great way to build a good credit history for your business. 
  • Inter account transactions are for free. 
  • Comes with a free subscription to Absa digital platforms. 
  • Access to a cash handling service. 

Competitive Disadvantages of the Absa Business Evolve Zero Account

  • No access to the Absa Rewards Program
  • The more transactions you make the higher the transaction charges will be. 

Account Requirements 

  1. Must be a sole proprietorship at the time of application. 
  2. Must have an annual turnover of not more than R5,000,000.00 per annum. 
  3. South African ID book or Smart card of the owner. 
  4. Proof of residence of the owner or proof of residence for the business. 
  5. Business owner to submit three months bank account statements on a personal account. 
  6. Company resolution if more than one signatory. 


The Absa Business Evolve Zero account offers a more convenient yet cost-effective banking solution for sole proprietorships who do not carry out much transactions. Sole proprietors can build their credit record using this account to ensure that the company’s future cashflow resources are intact. 

Savings on accounting fees can be achieved when a sole proprietor uses the Absa Business Evolve Zero account. Invoicing and quoting can be done in house including VAT returns.

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