10 best home contents insurance solutions 2022

Home Contents Insurance is one of South Africa’s most popular insurance products, and it has risen in popularity over time. This is one of the most important insurance plans to carry, and combining it with a building insurance coverage has become commonplace. The fact that damage to structures is likely to result in damage or loss to the home contents inspired the combining of home contents and buildings insurance.

If a cyclone damages a structure’s insured roof, personal possessions will be exposed to rain or hail damage. In such cases, home contents insurance can help protect personal valuables. As a result, safeguarding one’s home and its contents is considered essential. This is because home furnishings are expensive and difficult to replace. It’s advisable to start by studying what’s available, whether you’re seeking for home contents insurance to supplement your homeowner’s insurance or merely to protect your personal belongings from loss or damage.

In the South African market, there are various home contents insurers; however, how can you choose one that will assist you with your home contents insurance needs? Rateweb has put together a list of the top ten Home Contents Insurance packages available in South Africa. We had a shortlist of 20 home contents insurance before putting together the list, and we used our thorough research and investigation techniques to come up with our top ten.

Here are our top ten home contents insurance products to consider when purchasing home contents insurance. Please keep in mind that our list is not in any specific order.

  1.  OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

The OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance is a prominent home contents insurance product in South Africa, offering coverage at a reasonable price. The product covers anything from interior decoration to electronic equipment and furniture.

What a client wants to safeguard will be safe from intentional theft, theft, and damage triggered by a power surge or a busted geyser. Furthermore, natural disasters such as lightning storms, hail, floods, and fires will be covered.

The OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance comes with benefits too. These include:

  • After three claim-free years, 10% of the premiums are repaid in cash.
  • OUTsurance offers policyholders emergency home help, including a 24-hour hotline for home emergencies. Clients have access to plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and other professionals.
  • Premiums for home contents insurance are guaranteed not to change for a period of 12 months, even if a claim is filed during that time.
  • Clients can add extra benefits such as grocery cover in the event of a power outage, among other things.
  • The insurance product’s excess payment is fixed.

OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance can be relied on, and it is well-known for processing claims quickly, as seen by excellent feedback on HelloPeter and other rating platforms.

  1. Santam Home Contents Insurance 

One thing not to expect from Santam is mediocrity. Thanks to the company’s century of experience in providing short-term insurance products.  Expect nothing less than professionalism when it comes to the Santam home contents insurance offering. 

The Santam home contents insurance protects clients’ valued possessions against loss or damage. The company’s website includes an online calculator that can be used to determine the replacement value of the contents that a client wishes to insure, ensuring that they are not under or overinsured.

Santam Home Contents Insurance covers the loss or damage of household contents caused by a fire, explosion, storm, flood, lightning, burglary, or theft. Only items listed on the insurance policy are eligible for replacement or repair.

The following features are included in the Santam home contents insurance at no extra cost:

  • Rental charges for alternative lodging if the residence in which the insured household items are housed is destroyed or considered unusable.
  • Inadvertent spoilage of the contents of a refrigerator or freezer in the home is covered.
  • Loss or damage of laundry on the washing line, which is covered against an insured event. 
  • Personal effects of guests or domestic employees are covered while within the house.
  • Mirrors and glass items that are broken by accident in the home are covered.
  1. King Price Home Contents Insurance 

The King Price home contents insurance policy covers everything in the house, including electrical gadgets, wearables, and furnishings. Personal belongings that you can take with you are likewise insured as long as they are in the house.

King Price only provides two types of home contents insurance. The package includes a comprehensive cover as well as a fire and fury cover. Therefore, the level of protection you require will be determined by the level of risk you anticipate.

The covers are reasonably priced, and quotes are based on the value of the home contents to be covered, as well as the risk that the insurer assumes while insuring one’s home contents.

Comprehensive home contents insurance protects policyholders against the loss or damage of personal belongings in their homes. Items insured include those belonging to the policyholder and members of his or her household. Clients are insured for natural acts such as floods, lightning, hail, and fire, as well as intentional damage, burglary, and theft.

Fire and Fury coverage is another option, but it has limitations on the types of occurrences that are covered. The policy protects personal belongings in a home belonging to the policyholder’s household members and the policyholder from loss or damage. Personal items, on the other hand, must be destroyed or destroyed as a result of a fire. Fire and fury insurance does not cover theft, attempted theft, or burglary.

  1. iwyze Household Contents Insurance 

Old Mutual offers iwyze house contents insurance, which is one of the most affordable home contents insurance options available. Quality does not have to be sacrificed just because something is inexpensive. This product combines low cost with high quality, which is why it has made it to our top ten list.

iwyze household contents insurance covers the contents of a home located at a specific address. The items will be insured for loss and damage caused by fire, theft, or natural disasters.

After a successful claim, the insurer will either repair or replace any damaged home contents. In some situations, though, a payout may be advanced.

Cover by iwyze is for the following events:

  • Fire, lightning, and explosion, 
  • Theft or attempted theft that causes loss or damage to home contents insured, 
  • Natural disasters that include storms, hail, flood, earthquake and snow damage, 
  • Loss or damage caused by a breakdown of a water system, such as burst, leaking, or overflowing geysers, water supply tanks, cisterns, or water pipes.
  1. MiWay Home Contents Insurance 

Looking for a 100 percent online home contents insurance package that will cover the majority of your belongings? The solution is MiWay home contents insurance. MiWay offers the product entirely online, and you are covered as soon as an assessment of your home contents is completed.

The MiWay product, like any other home contents insurance product on the South African market, provides protection against loss or damage to the covered home contents. The product is a comprehensive cover that protects home contents from theft, fire, water damage, wind damage, and storm damage. 

The cover comes with a set of benefits, and they include:

  • Flat excess fee. 
  • After three months of full premiums, MiWay will pay you an average full month’s premium.. 
  • Policyholders can manage their policy online by making any alterations to the policy. 
  • Comes with free household emergency assistance. 
  • There is alternative accommodation should the policy holder’s buildings be unfit to live in following an incident.
  1. Discovery Home Contents Insurance 

The Discovery home contents insurance provides individuals with an opportunity to choose the cover that they want from a selected number of plans. Home Contents Insurance from Discovery Insure is available to both homeowners and renters.

At Discovery Insure, the purple plan is the best option for home contents insurance. The following benefits are provided at no additional cost to the plan:

  • Zero excess on theft and water-related claims, 
  • Alternative security and accommodation should a covered incident cause a security bridge or make the house uninhabitable. 
  • Protection from power surges. 
  • The cover comes with an online vault from Discovery that allows policyholders to store important documents, valuation certificates, and proof of ownership of the contents insured. 

The plans allow for the addition of benefits to the cover and one can include covers such as:

  • Additional accidental damage Cover, 
  • Cover for contents left in a house or property that is left unoccupied for over 60 days. 
  • Cover against subsidence and landslip
  • Zero excess amount across all sections of the cover. 
  • Cover for good in the open. 
  1. Auto and General Home Contents Insurance 

The Auto and General home contents insurance goes a step further and seeks to stand out from the crowd. The product provides coverage for something that many insurers do not want to provide cover for which is money. Coins and paper money are forms of money.

Furthermore, credit cards and bank cards are covered under the insurer’s home contents insurance plan. The product covers personal documents and stamps. You must read the indemnification form before purchasing Auto and General home contents insurance.

The product further covers the following:

  • Guests and domestic employees’ personal belongings from theft. 
  • Food in the fridge or freezer is protected from spoilage due to power outages. 
  • There is a liability cover for tenants, domestic employees, and household members. 
  • Locks and keys cover if they get damaged because of a burglary. 
  • Medical expenses are covered by the insurer should an injury be caused by a pet or a defect by buildings. 
  • Cover for clothes that are on a washing line. And more. 
  1. 1st For Women Home Contents Insurance 

Another entry from Telesure Group is 1st for Women Home Contents Insurance. The product from 1st for women has marked its way into the top 10 mainly because of its product offerings. The solution’s product offering includes the comprehensive cover, fire and Storm Only, and handbag cover. 

The comprehensive cover provides the most extensive coverage of the three available options. Comprehensive Cover protects the policyholder’s home contents against natural disasters, theft, loss, and damage. Your things will be covered and protected as a policyholder for disasters and occurrences such as earthquakes, lightning, break-ins, falling objects, and more.

The second available option is to protect your personal possessions against fire and Storm. With this cover, you will pay less premiums than the comprehensive cover since you will be covered for lesser events. 

A complimentary handbag cover is available to those that take out the 1st for women’s home contents insurance. This cover is for loss, damage, and theft of a handbag to the total amount of R25,000.00. 

  1. Naked Home Contents Insurance 

Naked Insurance, which is sponsored by Hollard Insurance, is another totally online home contents insurance provider. Customers can be served in minutes and receive assistance online via the Naked live chat, which allows advisors to converse with clients.

Naked Insurance’s Home Contents insurance provides comprehensive coverage and allows customers to include as many items as they want on their policy. The amount of cover can be changed so that clients are not underinsured.

When policyholders damage other people’s property or their dog bites a neighbor, they are covered for up to R5,000,000.00 in liability. In addition, the policyholder is insured for up to six months while traveling anywhere in the world.

  1. Budget Home Contents Insurance 

Budget Insurance provides consumers with two types of home contents insurance: comprehensive home contents insurance and fire and storm only home contents insurance.

The following items are covered by comprehensive home contents insurance:

  • Theft of your guests’, and your domestic employees’ possessions including stolen garden furniture and washing. 
  • Loss and damage to the valuables in your home caused by a break-in, theft, malicious damage, overflowing geysers, and a range of natural occurrences like fires, lightning, storms, and power surges.
  • If there is a power outage and the food in your fridge and freezer spoils, the home contents insurance will cover it..
  • provides rent to live somewhere else if you can’t stay in your home because of damage caused by event included in the insurance cover
  • Homeowner’s or tenant’s liability, depending on whether you own or rent your home.
  • covers vet bills for your pets if they’re injured in a road accident.

Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance, on the other hand, covers damage to home contents caused by falling trees, fires, storms, explosions, earthquakes, and floods, as well as damage caused by burst or overflowing pipes.

As an insured party, you are entitled to services such as roadside assistance, home assistance, trauma assistance, and legal assistance that come for free to insurance policyholders.


In South Africa, you can obtain home contents insurance that meets your requirements. All you need to do is make an extra effort to get an optimal home contents insurance policy that will protect your content while also matching your budget. Using this list, you can shortlist insurers who you believe will provide you with the most value for your money.

10 best home contents insurance solutions 2022

Lethabo Ntsoane

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