Woolworths Black Credit Card Review 2024: Fees, Benefits, and Rewards

In the dynamic landscape of credit cards, where choices abound and benefits beckon, few offerings resonate with the blend of […]

Woolworths black credit card

In the dynamic landscape of credit cards, where choices abound and benefits beckon, few offerings resonate with the blend of luxury and practicality quite like the Woolworths Black Credit Card. As we venture into 2024, poised on the cusp of new opportunities and experiences, it’s essential to explore the nuances of this esteemed financial instrument, renowned for its premium perks and rewarding incentives.

At the heart of the Woolworths Black Credit Card lies a commitment to enhancing the financial journeys of its cardholders, encapsulated in a monthly service fee of just R69. This modest fee unlocks a world of possibilities, where every transaction becomes an opportunity to earn lucrative rewards. With an impressive percentage earning in rewards, including an extra 3% back in quarterly vouchers on Woolworths purchases and 1% back on external transactions, the Woolworths Black Credit Card sets a benchmark for value and sophistication in the realm of credit cards.

Woolworths, in partnership with Absa Bank, continues to uphold the prestige associated with black credit cards through its Woolworths Black Credit Card. As we delve into 2024, let’s take a comprehensive look at how this card has evolved and whether it still stands as a formidable choice in the market.

Understanding the Fee Structure

One of the fundamental aspects of any credit card is its fee structure, which dictates the cost associated with ownership. Here’s a breakdown of the updated fee structure for the Woolworths Black Credit Card in 2024:

Fee DescriptionAmount
Monthly Service FeeR69
Cash Deposits
– Absa ATMR2.50 per R100
– Branch CounterR5 + R1.50 per R100
Statement FeeAbsa ATM Mini Statement Fee: R7
Other Fees
– Card Replacement FeeR150
– Collection FeeAs per requirements of the Debt Collectors Act, No 114 of 1998
– Secondary CardFree
– Balance Enquiries
– Branch Counter (any local bank)R80 + R1.50 per R100 (max R500)
– Absa ATM Balance Enquiry FeeR2
– Absa-supported ATM Balance Enquiry FeeR8
– Saswitch ATM Balance Enquiry FeeR8
– Cash Withdrawals
– Absa ATMR48
– Absa-supported ATMR48
– Saswitch ATMR67
– Overseas ATMR80
– Account Payments
– Absa ATM Account Payment FeeR4.50 + R1.50 per R100 (max R15)
– Important Information
– Initiation FeeR175
– Card Courier FeeR180
– Unpaid Debt Order FeeR135
– International Currency Conversion Fee2.5% of Rand value of transaction

Understanding these fees is crucial for managing finances effectively and maximizing the benefits of the Woolworths Black Credit Card.

Benefits of the Woolworths Black Credit Card

The Woolworths Black Credit Card comes packed with a myriad of benefits, making it an attractive choice for discerning consumers. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Automatic Enrollment in WREWARDS: Cardholders are automatically enrolled in the WREWARDS program, unlocking exclusive discounts and rewards at Woolworths outlets.
  2. Cashback Rewards: Enjoy generous cashback rewards on both Woolworths and external purchases, providing added value with every transaction.
  3. Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection: Benefit from extended warranty coverage and enhanced purchase protection, safeguarding your purchases against unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Comprehensive Travel Insurance: Travel with peace of mind knowing that your Woolworths Black Credit Card offers robust travel insurance coverage for flights purchased with the card.
  5. Affordable Monthly Service Fee: Despite its premium status, the Woolworths Black Credit Card boasts a relatively low monthly service fee, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of consumers.
  6. Convenient Online Banking: Access free online banking platforms, allowing you to manage your finances with ease from the comfort of your home.
  7. Additional Cards: Enjoy the convenience of up to eight additional cards for family and friends, extending the benefits of the Woolworths Black Credit Card to your loved ones.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Automatic enrollment in WREWARDS.
  • Generous cashback rewards on Woolworths and external purchases.
  • Extended warranty and purchase protection.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Affordable monthly service fee.
  • Convenient online banking platforms.
  • Additional cards available for family and friends.


  • Lack of personal banker assistance.
  • Absence of welcome bonuses.
  • Limited travel benefits compared to other premium cards.
  • No access to private lounges or priority pass for travelers.

Navigating WREWARDS

As a Woolworths Black Credit Cardholder, you gain access to exclusive benefits through the WREWARDS program. These benefits include:

  • Additional discounts on Woolworths products.
  • Exclusive access to promotional offers and events.
  • Special rewards and vouchers based on your spending patterns.

By leveraging the WREWARDS program, you can maximize the value of your Woolworths Black Credit Card and enjoy a host of additional perks tailored to your shopping preferences.

Requirements for Obtaining a Woolworths Black Credit Card

In order to attain the esteemed Woolworths Black Credit Card, aspiring applicants must meet certain criteria to ensure eligibility. Below are the essential requirements one must fulfil to embark on the journey of owning this prestigious credit card:

  1. Minimum Income Threshold: Prospective cardholders must demonstrate a minimum monthly income of R41,666.00 or an annual income of R500,000.00 to qualify for the Woolworths Black Credit Card. This requirement ensures that individuals possess the financial stability necessary to manage the privileges and responsibilities associated with this premium offering.
  2. Valid Identification: Applicants must possess a valid South African ID book or Smart card, serving as a primary form of identification to verify their identity and citizenship status. This requirement is imperative to authenticate the applicant’s personal details and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  3. Proof of Income: As part of the application process, individuals are required to provide a recent copy of their payslip or three months’ worth of bank statements. This documentation serves as tangible evidence of the applicant’s financial standing and ability to meet the minimum income threshold set forth by Woolworths.
  4. Proof of Address: To verify their current residential address, applicants must furnish documentation that is not older than three months at the time of application. This may include utility bills, bank statements, or official correspondence from reputable institutions. A valid proof of address ensures that the applicant’s contact information is up-to-date and accurately reflects their place of residence.
  5. Credit Assessment: As part of the application process, Woolworths conducts a comprehensive credit assessment to evaluate the applicant’s creditworthiness and financial history. This assessment helps determine the applicant’s ability to manage credit responsibly and mitigate the risk of default.


As we conclude our review of the Woolworths Black Credit Card in 2024, it’s evident that this premium offering continues to uphold its reputation for excellence in the South African market. With its attractive benefits, affordable fees, and convenient features, the Woolworths Black Credit Card remains a top choice for consumers seeking a blend of luxury and practicality in their financial transactions.

Whether you’re a frequent shopper at Woolworths or simply looking for a versatile credit card to suit your lifestyle, the Woolworths Black Credit Card stands as a testament to quality and reliability in an ever-changing financial landscape. As you embark on your financial journey in 2024, consider the Woolworths Black Credit Card as your trusted companion for unlocking a world of rewards and convenience.

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