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2023-07-21 10:43 AM

Western Cape Set to Shine on Global Stage with Historic Hosting of Netball World Cup

  • Women's sport in the Western Cape is experiencing unprecedented support and recognition, demonstrated by the successful hosting of events like the Netball Quad Series and the T20 Women's Cricket World Cup, with record-breaking attendance and economic growth.
  • Two significant upcoming tournaments, the FIFA Women's World Cup and the Netball World Cup, are set to further elevate women's sport in the region, showcasing South Africa's Banyana Banyana and cementing the Western Cape's status as a premium sports venue host.
  • Women's sporting events are making a substantial contribution to the Western Cape's economy, with the Netball World Cup alone projected to bring an estimated R68 million boost, leading to job creation, increased tourism, and potential investment interest in the province. Additionally, the article highlights the importance of providing equal opportunities and recognition for female athletes, aiming to reach equal representation in the sporting sphere.
By Miriam Matoma

The Western Cape has been experiencing a groundbreaking surge in support for women’s sport, with notable events like the Netball Quad Series, the T20 Women’s Cricket World Cup, and the Ice Hockey International Championships held in Cape Town during the first half of the year. These events have not only showcased the exceptional talent of women’s teams but have also demonstrated the sporting world’s readiness to embrace women’s sport. With two more significant tournaments on the horizon, the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Netball World Cup, the Western Cape’s role as a premium location to host sporting events is gaining international recognition. Beyond pride and passion for the game, women’s sporting events are proving to be a catalyst for economic growth and gender equality in the province.

Record Attendance and Growing Support:
The T20 Women’s World Cup final held at Newlands Stadium set a remarkable record for attendance, indicating the significant rise in popularity and support for women’s sport. This surge in support is driving economic growth in the Western Cape, as events like these attract both local and international spectators, boosting tourism and local businesses. The recognition and success of women’s sport are putting the Western Cape on the map as a preferred destination for hosting prestigious sporting events.

Upcoming Tournaments: FIFA Women’s World Cup and Netball World Cup
As the excitement continues to build, two more prominent women’s sporting events are on the horizon. The FIFA Women’s World Cup, hosted in Australia and New Zealand, is set to begin on July 20. South Africa’s Banyana Banyana will be taking the stage on July 23, and the country’s fervent supporters hope to witness the same level of support seen during their qualification for the tournament.

The Netball World Cup, starting on July 28, marks a historic moment for Cape Town, as it will be the first time this prestigious event is hosted in Africa. With international teams already arriving, the tournament is expected to attract large numbers of traveling tourists, further contributing to the region’s economic growth. This event provides an opportunity for the Western Cape to establish itself as Africa’s top sport venue host.

Economic Impact and Potential:
Women’s sporting events are proving to be significant contributors to the Western Cape’s economy. The Netball World Cup, for instance, is projected to provide a boost of R68 million to the local economy. This infusion of revenue leads to the creation of more jobs, increased tourism, and potential investment interest in the province. As women’s sport continues to thrive, the economic benefits are set to multiply, making it a key pillar of the region’s financial services and personal finance sectors.

Championing Equality in Sport:
The success and recognition of women’s teams on the global stage underscore the importance of providing equal opportunities and recognition for female athletes. There is a growing demand to ensure that female athletes are not subjected to second-rate treatment or receive lesser salaries compared to their male counterparts. By celebrating both female and male athletes and offering them equal representation, the Western Cape is poised to set a shining example for gender equality in the sporting sphere.

Nurturing Future Sporting Stars:
The Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport is taking proactive steps to nurture and develop the next generation of sporting talents. Through after-school programs and state-of-the-art shared facilities at schools across the province, young athletes are encouraged to engage in sports during their free time. This commitment to grassroots development aims to grow the next generation of sporting stars and secure the future of women’s sport in the region.

The Western Cape’s unwavering support for women’s sport is driving both economic growth and gender equality. From record-breaking attendances to hosting prestigious global tournaments, women’s sport has become a focal point for the province’s financial services, credit, lending, personal finance, motor vehicles, insurances, and banking sectors. As the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Netball World Cup unfold, the people of the Western Cape are urged to rally behind Banyana Banyana and the Spar Proteas, demonstrating their unwavering support and commitment to creating a more inclusive and prosperous sporting future.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam