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2023-06-19 3:07 PM

Unprecedented Storms Wreak Havoc: Western Cape Fights Back to Reopen Vital Roads

By William Dube
  • Severe Weather Impact: Recent stormy weather conditions in the Western Cape, particularly in Citrusdal and Ceres, have led to significant damage to infrastructure and the closure of several access roads.
  • Restoration Efforts: The Western Cape Government and the Department of Infrastructure are working around the clock to restore and reopen the roads, ensuring they are safe for public use. The main road between Citrusdal and Ceres (MR310) has been partially reopened, providing a crucial route for Citrusdal.
  • Ongoing Challenges: Despite progress, several areas remain problematic. The water levels on the main road between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam (539) are still high, making it inaccessible for smaller vehicles. The Olifantsrivier low water bridge is currently unsafe for vehicles, and work on the Citrusdal to N7 route is ongoing, with persistent rains slowing progress.

In the wake of recent severe weather conditions, the Western Cape has seen significant damage to its infrastructure, particularly in the areas of Citrusdal and Ceres. The stormy weather led to the closure of several access roads, causing disruption and inconvenience for local residents and businesses. However, the Western Cape Government, including the Department of Infrastructure, has been working tirelessly to restore and reopen the roads, ensuring they are safe for public use.

The main road 310 (MR310) between Citrusdal and Ceres has been partially reopened to traffic, but authorities are urging the public to exercise caution and obey all instructions and road signage. The road is currently accessible for passenger vehicles, but drivers are advised to proceed slowly and carefully due to the presence of dangerous areas and the ongoing formation of potholes. Despite these challenges, the reopening of MR310 provides a crucial entrance and exit route for Citrusdal.

The situation on the roads between Citrusdal and Ceres is as follows:

Citrusdal-Clanwilliam The water levels on the main road 539 remain above the roadway, making it inaccessible for smaller vehicles. However, larger vehicles are able to use this road.

Olifantsrivier Low Water Bridge The water levels at this location are currently unsafe for vehicles and the bridge should not be used.

Citrusdal to N7 Work in this area is still ongoing. The first phase involves reducing the water levels, which will be followed by road reinstatement works. Persistent rains have slowed progress in this area, but updates on road access will be provided as the situation evolves.

The Western Cape Government is committed to restoring full access to these roads as quickly and safely as possible. The public is urged to stay informed about the latest updates and to exercise caution when using these roads.

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