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Transnet’s Western Region Ports Undergo Major Expansion

  • Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is leading initiatives to expand and enhance infrastructure at its Western Region ports, including Cape Town, Mossel Bay, and Saldanha.
  • Key projects include the Phase 2B expansion of the Cape Town Container Terminal, development of the Culemborg Intermodal Logistics Precinct, and enhancements at the Port of Saldanha and Mossel Bay.
  • These efforts aim to accommodate growing shipping demands, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen South Africa's maritime sector, underlining TNPA's commitment to fostering economic growth and bolstering port capabilities.
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Miriam Matoma

In a concerted effort to bolster port infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is spearheading initiatives to revamp its Western Region ports, including Cape Town, Mossel Bay, and Saldanha. These endeavors are aimed at accommodating the burgeoning shipping requirements in the region and ensuring the provision of world-class facilities.

One of the flagship projects underway is Phase 2B of the Cape Town Container Terminal expansion at the Port of Cape Town. This ambitious endeavor encompasses a comprehensive upgrade of rail infrastructure, container stacking facilities, truck staging areas, and automation systems. Upon completion, the terminal’s capacity is slated to surge from 1 million to 1.4 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU), representing a significant stride in meeting escalating demand. With an investment of approximately R1.775 billion, the project is scheduled to commence in September 2025, marking a pivotal milestone in the port’s evolution.

Simultaneously, TNPA is advancing plans for the Culemborg Intermodal Logistics Precinct Development within the Port of Cape Town. These precinct plans, slated for finalization during the 2024/25 financial year, are poised to unlock additional hinterland capacity by leveraging strategically located land parcels near the port. Such initiatives are instrumental in fortifying the port’s logistical capabilities and fostering seamless connectivity.

Moreover, strategic enhancements are underway at the Port of Saldanha, including the extension of the multi-purpose terminal and the development of berth 205. These initiatives are tailored to accommodate rig repairs and bolster break bulk operations, underscoring TNPA’s commitment to catering to diverse maritime activities and bolstering the port’s versatility.

In Mossel Bay, endeavors are underway to construct a dedicated cruise reception facility, aimed at facilitating the influx of international cruise vessels. Furthermore, plans are in motion to rehabilitate the port’s slipway, with capacity set to increase from 200 to 500 tons. These initiatives are poised to enhance Mossel Bay’s appeal as a maritime destination and augment its service offerings.

Captain Vernal Jones, acting TNPA Managing Executive for the Western Region ports, emphasized the significance of these endeavors in bolstering operational efficiency and meeting the evolving needs of South African ports. He underscored TNPA’s unwavering commitment to investing in infrastructure expansion as a cornerstone of fostering economic growth and bolstering the nation’s maritime sector.

The concerted efforts of TNPA underscore a strategic vision aimed at fortifying South Africa’s port infrastructure to meet the burgeoning demands of global trade. By prioritizing expansion and modernization initiatives, TNPA is poised to propel South Africa’s maritime industry into a new era of growth and prosperity.


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Miriam Matoma

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