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2023-12-05 8:29 AM

WhatsApp Media Sharing: Original Quality Feature Unleashed for iOS, Android Next in Line

  • Share original quality media as a document, preserving photos and videos without compression.
  • Access the feature by tapping "+," selecting "Document," and choosing "Choose Photo or Video."
  • A 2GB limit on file size ensures efficient sharing of high-resolution content.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

In a recent update, WhatsApp is rolling out a game-changing feature for iOS users, allowing them to share photos and videos in their original quality as a document, bypassing the compression typically applied when sending media through the popular messaging app.

Preserving Original Quality Media

The official changelog accompanying the WhatsApp 23.24.73 update on iOS reveals that users can now effortlessly send original quality media as a file. This alternative to the usual compressed approaches aims to enhance the user experience, ensuring that shared photos and videos maintain their high resolution.

This much-anticipated feature, initially tested with a select group of users in November, is now set to release to all iOS users. The changelog indicates a gradual rollout “over the coming weeks,” so users are advised to keep an eye out for the update on their devices.

How to Access the Feature

To take advantage of this new feature, users can follow a simple process. By tapping the “+” in a chat, selecting “Document,” and then choosing “Choose Photo or Video,” users can share media in its original quality. It’s a significant step towards streamlining the sharing of high-quality content within the app.

Limitations and Observations

While this update brings exciting changes, there are a few noteworthy points. Recipients can access the shared file on WhatsApp to view photos and videos, but previews will not appear in the main chat interface. Additionally, there is a 2GB limit on the files that can be sent using this feature.

A recent screenshot displayed the photo and video sent as a file within WhatsApp. Notably, the absence of previews in the main chat interface emphasizes a focus on delivering the original media content without compromise.

Android Users on the Horizon

WhatsApp has been testing the same feature for Android users since at least September, suggesting that a stable release for Android devices may not be far off. This move aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to providing a consistent and enhanced experience across different platforms.

Previous Workarounds and the Road Ahead

Previously, users resorted to workarounds involving manual changes to file extensions, such as converting files to PDF or DOC, to send full-resolution photos and videos on WhatsApp. The new feature eliminates the need for these extra steps, offering a more straightforward way for users to share high-quality media.

We have reached out to WhatsApp for clarification on when Android users can expect the same update. Rest assured, we will update this article as soon as we receive more information.

WhatsApp users on iOS can look forward to enjoying the benefits of sharing original quality media in the coming weeks, while Android users anticipate a similar upgrade in the near future. As the messaging landscape evolves, these improvements enhance the overall user experience, making WhatsApp a preferred choice for seamless and high-quality communication.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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