Threads Unveils Follows Tab & Translations

  • Threads introduces a "follows" tab on the activity page, making it easier for users to see a list of recent followers.
  • The update also includes filters for "quotes" and "reposts," allowing users to sort recent activity based on interactions with their threads.
  • The much-awaited translations feature is rolled out, enabling users to understand and interact with content from friends in different countries. However, users are still hoping for a following-only feed in future updates.

Threads, the popular social media app known for its emphasis on close friends and connections, recently announced a series of updates aimed at enhancing user experience and interaction on the platform. Among these updates is the introduction of a new “follows” tab, designed to help users keep track of their recent followers more efficiently. However, this update falls short of fulfilling the longstanding demand for a following-only feed, leaving users eager for more improvements.

The “Follows” Tab: Making New Connections Visible

Threads developer Cameron Roth outlined the latest changes in a detailed post, explaining that the new “follows” tab will be integrated into the app’s activity page. Instead of having recent followers listed under the “all” tab, users can now conveniently find the list of those who have recently followed them in a separate dedicated tab. This update streamlines the process of identifying and connecting with new followers, a welcome addition for those who value their interactions on the platform.

Sorting by “Quotes” and “Reposts”: Enhancing Interaction Tracking

Accompanying the introduction of the “follows” tab are two additional filters: “quotes” and “reposts.” These filters allow users to sift through recent activity based on those who have quoted or reposted their threads. This feature enables users to gauge the impact and reach of their content more effectively, fostering deeper engagement with their followers.

Translations Feature: Breaking Language Barriers

One of the most highly anticipated updates is the rollout of the translations feature. Threads now offers a translation option at the bottom of each post, allowing users to understand and interact with content shared by friends and followers from different countries. This feature opens up new possibilities for cross-cultural communication and strengthens connections across borders.

Follow People from Replies Section: Expanding Networks Organically

Threads has further enhanced user connectivity by providing an option to follow people directly from a post’s replies section. This feature promotes more organic connections and encourages users to expand their network of close friends naturally, making the platform a hub for meaningful interactions.

Notifications from Non-Followed Accounts: Broadening Engagement Horizons

The latest update introduces the ability to receive notifications from users even if they are not followed. This enhancement aims to increase user engagement by allowing them to stay informed about relevant and interesting content, regardless of whether they are following the account that posted it.

Improved Activity Feed Scrolling: Smoother Navigation

Threads has also made improvements to the activity feed scrolling, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly browsing experience. With smoother navigation, users can effortlessly access content and interact with their connections, making the platform more enjoyable to use.

Anticipation for a Following-Only Feed

While the recent updates are a step in the right direction, many users are still eagerly awaiting the implementation of a following-only feed. This feature would address a long-standing user request and enhance the app’s appeal by allowing users to focus solely on the content of accounts they follow, without the interference of unrelated posts.

Threads developer Cameron Roth has not provided a specific timeline for the potential introduction of a following-only feed. However, it remains an exciting prospect for users who wish to curate their social media experience more effectively.

Availability and Future Developments

As of now, some users have already gained access to the latest updates, while others may need to restart their app or wait until the end of the day for full implementation. As for Android users, the timeline for these updates to arrive on the platform remains unclear.

Threads continues to evolve and address user feedback with its recent series of updates. The new “follows” tab, translations feature, and other improvements aim to enhance user engagement, interaction, and connectivity on the platform. While users anticipate the arrival of a following-only feed, these updates demonstrate Threads’ commitment to creating a more personalized and enjoyable social media experience.

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