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South African Retailer Pick n Pay Makes Gaming History, Offers Roblox Vouchers in Rands

  • Pick n Pay, a South African retailer, will be the first to sell Roblox vouchers in Rands.
  • The retailer is giving away 100 million Robux vouchers to registered Smart Shopper customers as part of its 56th birthday celebration.
  • Starting in July, customers will have the option to purchase Robux vouchers in various denominations using South African Rand, making it more convenient and accessible for local players.

Pick n Pay, the prominent South African retailer, is venturing into the metaverse by tapping into the immense popularity of Roblox, the acclaimed gaming platform. In an unprecedented move, Pick n Pay will become the first retailer to offer Roblox vouchers in South African Rand, making it easier for local fans to access the digital currency known as Robux.

Roblox has gained worldwide recognition with over 50 million daily active players, who are enthralled by the platform’s ability to create and share immersive experiences with friends. This unique blend of the virtual and real worlds has captivated gamers, leading to a high demand for Robux, the in-game currency that unlocks a new level of excitement within the metaverse. Recognizing the growing Roblox craze in South Africa, Pick n Pay is set to distribute free Robux vouchers as part of its 56th birthday celebration.

Smart Shopper customers registered with Pick n Pay will have the opportunity to receive a generous giveaway of 100 million Robux. To qualify, customers need to purchase two participating products and spend a minimum of R1,000 in-store, online, through Pick n Pay Home, or via the Pick n Pay asap! or the Mr D app. By swiping their registered Smart Shopper card at the checkout or linking it to their online account, customers can secure a 150 Robux voucher. However, vouchers are limited to three per transaction.

The overwhelming demand for Robux vouchers at Pick n Pay stores has astounded both customers and the retailer alike. Andrew Mills, Group Executive: Marketing at Pick n Pay, shared that numerous Roblox enthusiasts, like 12-year-old Jamie Capstick-Dale from Cape Town, eagerly await the opportunity to use their free Robux vouchers to gain special advantages in popular games like Bed Wars.

Demonstrating its commitment to offering innovative services and products to enhance customers’ lives, Pick n Pay will soon introduce a new feature. Starting in July, customers will have the flexibility to choose the amount they wish to spend on Robux and pay in Rands. This offering, exclusive to Pick n Pay, allows local fans to conveniently purchase Robux vouchers in various denominations, ranging from R35 to R3,000. Previously, these vouchers were only available in pre-set dollar denominations from the Apple app store or Google Play store, necessitating cumbersome currency conversions and reliance on parents’ credit cards for South African players. However, thanks to Pick n Pay, the process will now be much simpler and more accessible.

Mills emphasized the advantages of this new offering, stating, “If your tween or teenager is after a Tasmanian Tiger for Adopt Me or a Yuzi Kit for Bed Wars, you can tailor-make the required amount. This not only provides a safer alternative to purchasing vouchers online with a credit card; it makes an ideal gifting option and is great for budgeting, too.”

Pick n Pay’s groundbreaking initiative aims to bridge the gap between retail and the metaverse, offering a seamless experience for Roblox players. While Pick n Pay has been offering vouchers for games like PUBG and Rage on Steam for nearly a decade, this foray into the metaverse marks a new frontier for the retailer. Roblox, touted by its creators as “an Imagination Platform,” allows users to enjoy a wide variety of games, create their own games, and engage in online chat. Although Roblox appeals to a diverse audience, 80% of its players are under the age of 16.

Mills expressed his confidence in the impact of this move, stating, “There is no doubt Roblox is the game of the decade, and we believe having access to Robux in local currency will be a game-changer for local players.”

In addition to the exciting opportunity to receive free Robux vouchers, Pick n Pay plans to make its 56th birthday celebration even more special. The retailer will be giving away five Xbox consoles and R1,000 Robux vouchers to passionate gaming customers. Further details about this generous giveaway will be shared weekly on Pick n Pay’s social media platforms, creating an atmosphere of anticipation among gaming enthusiasts.

With Pick n Pay pioneering the sale of Roblox vouchers in Rands, South African gamers can now experience a more seamless and accessible gaming journey. The convergence of retail and the metaverse through Pick n Pay’s initiative reflects the retailer’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As online gaming continues to grow in popularity locally and globally, this ground-breaking move is expected to spark tremendous excitement among gaming enthusiasts of all ages.



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