Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console: 2024 Release Rumour

  • Nintendo rumoured to release next-gen console in 2024.
  • Potential features include a cheaper LCD screen and the retention of a cartridge slot for games.
  • Nintendo aims to avoid inventory issues that plagued other recent console launches.

For the past six years, gaming enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating news of a new Nintendo console, and now, a recent rumour from VGC has added fuel to the fire. According to sources close to the matter, Nintendo is reportedly eyeing a 2024 release for its highly anticipated next-gen gaming device.

The rumoured console is said to differ from its predecessor, the OLED Switch, in several significant ways. One notable change is the potential use of a cheaper LCD screen instead of a higher-end display, like the one featured in the OLED Switch. This decision could be aimed at providing a more cost-effective gaming experience while retaining the core Nintendo Switch appeal.

AspectRumored Feature
DisplayCheaper LCD screen
Game LoadingInclusion of a cartridge slot
Release WindowTargeted 2024 launch
Inventory ManagementAvoiding launch inventory issues

Moreover, the new console is rumoured to maintain the inclusion of a cartridge slot for loading games. This choice might cater to the large fan base who appreciate the tangible feel of physical game cartridges and wish to continue using them in future Nintendo devices.

Nintendo executives are reportedly optimistic that the targeted 2024 release window will help the company avoid inventory issues that have plagued recent console launches, such as those experienced with the Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5. This strategic move could ensure that eager gamers will have better access to the new console at launch, minimizing the frustration of limited availability.

The rumours of the upcoming release come at a time when Switch sales have begun to cool down. This can be attributed to the console’s age and increasing competition from more powerful gaming platforms like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Valve Steam Deck. Industry insiders speculate that the launch of a new, upgraded console might revitalize Nintendo’s market position and reinvigorate the interest of gamers worldwide.

Interestingly, back in 2020, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo was working on a 4K console, but the company swiftly denied these claims. As per VGC sources, there is currently no confirmation on whether the new console will indeed include 4K resolution or any significant upgrades to storage space or processing power. However, the fact that development kits are already in the hands of developers suggests that progress is being made on the project.

The anticipation for a new Nintendo console is understandable, given the significant time that has passed since the launch of the Switch. By 2023, the Switch will have been on the market for seven years, surpassing the gaps between previous Nintendo console releases. Fans are hopeful that the speculated 2024 launch will finally satisfy their cravings for an upgraded gaming experience from the beloved gaming giant.

However, as with all rumours, it’s essential to remember that plans may change, and official announcements are still pending from Nintendo. Until then, gaming enthusiasts can only wait in anticipation for the much-anticipated 2024 release date to see what exciting innovations the new Nintendo console will bring to the gaming world.

The potential launch of a new Nintendo console could mark a turning point for the gaming industry, with competitors already on the horizon. For now, fans are left to speculate and imagine what the next-gen Nintendo console might have in store. As developments progress and more information becomes available, the gaming community will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting updates from the gaming giant.

In the meantime, Nintendo will continue to navigate the evolving gaming landscape and work to maintain its position as one of the industry’s leading innovators. The rumour mill will undoubtedly continue to churn, but fans can only hope that this time, the rumours prove true, and a new era of Nintendo gaming will soon be at their fingertips.

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