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2023-12-09 8:41 AM

Microsoft’s Edge Copilot Unveils Video Summarization: Revolutionizing Browsing or Limited Gimmick?

  • Edge Copilot's New Feature: Microsoft's Edge browser introduces video summarization, allowing users to generate text summaries of videos.
  • Limitations and Requirements: The feature relies on pre-processed videos or those with subtitles, hindering universal applicability without prior processing.
  • Competition in Generative AI: Edge Copilot enters the generative AI race, with Google as a key competitor, showcasing similar capabilities in YouTube.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

In a recent update to Microsoft’s Edge browser, the AI Copilot has rolled out a new feature enabling users to generate text summaries of videos. However, the functionality comes with limitations, as it primarily works on pre-processed videos or those with subtitles, according to Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s CEO of advertising and web services.

The Summarization Process

Parakhin explained that for the video summarization feature to work, the video needs to undergo pre-processing. If the video lacks subtitles and hasn’t been pre-processed, the summarization won’t be functional. Essentially, Edge Copilot focuses on summarizing the text transcripts of videos rather than the videos themselves.

Extending Functionality to Microsoft 365

The capabilities of Copilot extend beyond the Edge browser to Microsoft 365. It can summarize Teams video meetings and calls for customer service agents. However, in both cases, audio must be transcribed first for Copilot to generate accurate summaries. Similarly, Microsoft Stream can also benefit from Copilot’s summarization feature, but users need to provide a written transcript.

User’s Experience with Copilot

The discussion around this new feature sparked when a designer, Pietro Schirano, shared a screen recording of Edge Copilot summarizing a YouTube video about the GTA VI trailer. The recording showcased Copilot working seamlessly, providing a summary with highlights and timestamps shortly after the user pressed the “Generate video summary” button.

Limitations and Compatibility

While this new feature opens doors for increased productivity, it has its limitations. The requirement for video pre-processing and the dependence on subtitles may hinder the feature’s universal applicability. However, Parakhin expressed optimism, stating that the summarization “should work for most videos,” particularly those publicly available, such as on YouTube.

Copilot in the Generative AI Race

Microsoft’s Copilot joins the race in the generative AI space, where competitors like Google are actively developing similar capabilities. Last month, Google upgraded its YouTube extension for the Bard chatbot, allowing it to summarize video content. However, the generative AI field is not without challenges, as evidenced by Google’s recent Gemini update, which faced issues with misrepresented capabilities in a demo and occasional inaccuracies.

Transparency in Copilot’s Evolution

Parakhin has been transparent about the various stages of Copilot’s evolution, providing updates on social media. In a recent post, he shared, “Adding the ability for Edge Copilot to use information in videos – on a flight,” highlighting the continuous efforts to enhance Copilot’s functionalities.

As Microsoft’s Edge Copilot continues to evolve, users can anticipate further refinements and expanded capabilities. The integration of video summarization adds a valuable tool for users seeking efficient ways to process and comprehend video content within their browsing experience.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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