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Gmail Glitches: 2 Days, 1,000 Frustrated Users, and How Google Tackled the Email Chaos Head-On

  • Gmail suffered delays on Thursday and Friday, impacting users' ability to send and receive emails.
  • The issues, acknowledged by Google, were resolved on both days, but not without causing inconvenience.
  • User experiences varied, with some reporting delays in personal emails and others in Workspace account communications.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

Gmail users experienced a series of disruptions last week as the popular email service encountered delays in sending and receiving messages on both Thursday and Friday. Google, the parent company of Gmail, acknowledged the issues through its Workspace Status Dashboard, leaving users grappling with inconveniences during the heart of the US workweek.

Thursday’s Email Hiccups

On Thursday, the trouble began at 12:31 PM ET when Google posted on Gmail’s Workspace Status Dashboard, warning users that they might experience delays in sending emails. The impact was felt by at least two individuals at The Verge, who reported delays in receiving emails sent from personal accounts to work accounts. However, the peculiar nature of the disruption emerged as emails sent in the opposite direction – from work accounts to personal Gmails – proceeded without a hitch.

Meanwhile, 9to5Google reported a contrasting experience, noting that personal emails were unaffected, while Workspace account emails faced delays. This inconsistency added an extra layer of complexity to an already frustrating situation.

Despite the apparent widespread nature of the problem, Downdetector recorded more than 700 user reports on Thursday, indicating that the issues were not as pervasive as they might have seemed to those grappling with the disruptions.

However, the frustration was palpable for those directly impacted, as the glitch persisted throughout a significant part of the workday. Google issued an update at 5:03 PM ET, signaling that the issues were resolved, bringing relief to affected users.

Friday’s Déjà Vu

The respite was short-lived, as Friday saw a recurrence of email delays, causing further headaches for Gmail users. Google’s Workspace Status Dashboard reported the onset of issues at 1:52 PM ET. This time, however, the tech giant acted swiftly, acknowledging the problem in a status message at 2:24 PM ET.

Downdetector’s reports on Friday were comparatively lower, with a little over 100 users registering issues. While this suggested a potentially less widespread problem than on Thursday, for those dealing with email delays, it was undoubtedly an unwelcome disruption in the midst of their workday.

To the relief of users, Google managed to resolve the issues promptly on Friday, confirming at 3:36 PM ET that normalcy had been restored.

User Experiences and Varied Impact

The divergent experiences reported by The Verge and 9to5Google highlighted the complexity of the issue. While some users struggled with delays in personal emails, others faced challenges with Workspace account communications.

DayNumber of Reports on Downdetector
ThursdayOver 700
FridayOver 100

Table: Downdetector Reports


While the exact cause of these Gmail disruptions remains undisclosed, Google’s prompt acknowledgment and resolution indicate the company’s commitment to addressing issues swiftly. For the majority of users, Gmail is likely back to its reliable self, but the incident serves as a reminder of the occasional vulnerabilities of even the most widely-used online services. As we increasingly rely on digital communication platforms, occasional disruptions are an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of our interconnected world.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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