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2024-02-13 9:10 AM

Fandom Introduces AI Features After Community Feedback

  • Fandom introduces Quick Answers and Image Review to enhance user experience and content moderation on its platform.
  • Quick Answers provides concise responses to user queries, while Image Review swiftly identifies and removes inappropriate content.
  • Fandom addresses initial concerns by allowing admins to review answers and emphasizing commitment to community feedback.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

In response to user feedback, Fandom, a popular platform hosting various fan wikis, has announced the rollout of new generative AI features. These features, including Quick Answers and Image Review, aim to enhance user experience and content moderation across the platform.

Quick Answers: Enhancing User Experience

Quick Answers is a feature designed to provide users with succinct responses to their queries. When visiting a fandom’s wiki page, users can now access a Q&A-style dropdown that offers bite-sized answers to common questions. For example, on “The Witcher” wiki, users can quickly discover that Vesemir trained Geralt of Rivia simply by clicking on the relevant question.

Image Review: Ensuring Content Moderation

In addition to Quick Answers, Fandom has implemented Image Review, an AI-powered tool to swiftly and accurately identify and remove inappropriate content from the platform. Developed in collaboration with Coactive AI, Image Review enables wiki admins to automate the approval or rejection of images, thus maintaining a safer and more welcoming environment for users.

Addressing Initial Concerns

While these AI features promise to enhance user experience and content moderation, Fandom faced criticism during the initial testing phase. Users expressed concerns over the accuracy of Quick Answers and the appropriateness of responses. In response to community feedback, Fandom paused the rollout in September to make necessary improvements, including the addition of an edit feature and the option for users to opt out.

Enhanced User Control

Fandom has now addressed these concerns by allowing wiki admins and editors to review answers before implementation, ensuring that only accurate responses are provided to users. Although Quick Answers remains an optional feature, it will be available on popular character pages, including those for Avatar, Harry Potter, The Last of Us, and The Witcher.

Commitment to Community Feedback

Brandon Rhea, Fandom’s vice president of community, emphasized the company’s commitment to prioritizing user feedback. He stated, “These new products are a direct result of our creators’ feedback, and Fandom is committed to providing the functionality they need to serve their communities better.”

Platform Reach and Impact

Fandom hosts an extensive collection of 45 million wiki pages and attracts over 350 million unique visitors each month. With the introduction of these AI features, the platform aims to further enhance user engagement and provide a safer environment for its diverse community of fans.


With the rollout of Quick Answers and Image Review, Fandom demonstrates its dedication to improving user experience and content moderation on its platform. By incorporating community feedback and implementing innovative AI solutions, Fandom strives to uphold its position as a leading destination for fan communities worldwide.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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