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2023-12-08 9:41 AM

Avail’s Breakthrough: AI Turbocharges Hollywood Script Analysis, Redefining Efficiency in Film and TV Development

  • Efficient Script Summarization: Avail's ChatGPT-powered tool delivers detailed script summaries, loglines, and character breakdowns within minutes, enhancing productivity.
  • Time-Saving AI Technology: The tool reduces the laborious task of script reading, providing quick summaries in less than five minutes.
  • Privacy and Copyright Focus: Avail addresses data privacy and copyright concerns, assuring responsible handling of creative material during AI model training.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

In a bid to streamline the laborious process of script coverage in the film and television industry, Avail has unveiled a novel ChatGPT-powered summarization tool. The tool boasts the ability to generate comprehensive script summaries, loglines, synopses, character breakdowns, and tonal assessments within minutes, marking a significant leap forward in efficiency for content development.

Tackling Time-Consuming Script Reading

For script readers, executives, and assistants, the traditional process of reading and taking notes on a script can be a daunting task, often surpassing two hours. Avail’s new tool is designed to alleviate this burden, providing a quick and efficient solution to an inbox flooded with lengthy scripts.

Chris Giliberti, co-founder and CEO, highlighted the challenges faced by industry executives, stating, “As an executive who’s making decisions about how to allocate your company’s resources on content, there’s just so much content out there that’s coming across your desk. It’s really hard to keep up. What’s unfortunate about that is, if you miss something, it could be a multimillion-dollar mistake.”

The Power of AI in Script Summarization

Avail’s tool, built on the ChatGPT-4 architecture, employs a proprietary processing layer to deliver reliable coverage even on low-quality documents. During testing, a 45-page document reportedly took less than five minutes for Avail to summarize, showcasing the potential for significant time savings.

While Giliberti acknowledges concerns raised by industry organizations, including the Writers Guild of America (WGA), he emphasizes that Avail’s tools are productivity enhancers rather than job replacements. The recent WGA strike, which included provisions prohibiting the use of AI for script writing or rewriting, has sparked discussions about the role of AI in the creative process.

Addressing Privacy and Copyright Concerns

To address potential copyright concerns, Avail states that its AI model was trained using public domain works, such as “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The company places a strong emphasis on responsible handling of creative material, aiming to mitigate concerns related to copyright infringement.

Concerns over data privacy have also been addressed. Avail reassures users, stating on its website, “Your data privacy is of the utmost importance to us… We, and our partners, do not train on any of your uploaded content or prompts. That means your content will NOT end up in any AI model.”

Pricing and Future Plans

Avail has launched its open beta with an entry-level subscription priced at $250 monthly, offering four reports and a 30-day free trial. Enterprise pricing, based on the number of credits a company needs, is available upon request.

Looking ahead, Avail aims to enhance its offering by adding team collaboration functionality, allowing colleagues to collaborate on documents. Additionally, the company is collaborating with a production company to build custom models focused on addressing specific pain points in Hollywood related to production, engineering, and planning.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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