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2023-12-01 12:39 PM

Surge in Sextortion and Kidnapping Cases Grips South Africa

  • Rising Sextortion Cases: The article highlights a significant surge in sextortion incidents in South Africa, targeting naive teenagers and young adults. Criminals are employing social engineering tactics, exploiting vulnerabilities rather than technical means, to coerce victims into sharing explicit content.
  • Youth Vulnerability and Tactics: It emphasizes the susceptibility of young people, especially high school teenagers, as young as 15, who are falling victim to these scams. Criminals use various methods, including pretexting and romance scams, to manipulate victims into trusting them and sharing personal information.
  • Kidnapping on the Rise: Apart from sextortion, the article also sheds light on the increasing kidnapping cases in South Africa. Criminal syndicates are targeting not only wealthy individuals but also university students for ransom. The rise in these abductions has raised concerns among law enforcement and organizations involved in crime monitoring.
By Miriam Matoma

Experts caution on rising ‘sextortion’ cases, especially targeting South African youths, indicating a worrying trend. Criminals exploit vulnerability, using social engineering tactics to manipulate victims into sharing sensitive information.

Sextortion, a grave crime, involves threatening to expose private, explicit content for ransom. Shockingly, reported cases have escalated significantly in 2023, surpassing the entirety of 2022, per the Internet Watch Foundation.

In South Africa, CyberSecurity Advisor Andy Mashaile echoes this alarming surge, emphasizing social engineering as the primary method of deception. This form of scamming preys on human vulnerabilities, making detection challenging.

The tactics employed by these criminals encompass pretexting and romance scams, enticing victims into unwittingly divulging personal information. Pretexting involves fabricating stories or assuming false identities, like a schoolmate or a distant friend, to gain trust.

Similarly, romance scams thrive as criminals create fake personas on social platforms, including dating apps, to establish relationships. Exploiting the victim’s trust, these scams are increasingly targeting teenagers immersed in technology.

Mashaile underscores the vulnerability of young people, stating that even high school teenagers, as young as 15, are falling prey to these schemes. With smartphones integrated into daily life, adolescents are more susceptible.

Moreover, these scammers exploit curiosity, luring teenagers through unsafe advertisements on adult sites, further underscoring the need for parental guidance and monitoring, especially during festive seasons when online activity escalates.

Adding to these concerns, Police Minister Bheki Cele highlights the surge in kidnapping incidents. Criminal syndicates not only target affluent individuals but also university students, orchestrating abductions for ransom.

In recent events, the Anti-Kidnapping Task Team successfully rescued an 18-year-old Wits University student from a syndicate. This incident sheds light on the alarming rise of 56 similar kidnappings linked to the arrested suspects across South Africa.

Yusuf Abramjee from Crime Watch expresses apprehension, citing a persistent rise in such cases. While larger organized crime syndicates handle major ransom cases, smaller criminal gangs within suburbs are also embracing this trend for quick gains.

The escalating threats of sextortion and kidnappings demand immediate action. Enhanced awareness, parental vigilance, and collaborative efforts are crucial to safeguarding South African youths from these nefarious activities.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam