South Africa’s Top-Performing Cars of 2023 Revealed

  • Data-Driven Excellence: The 2023 Naamsa Accelerator Awards spotlight South Africa's top-performing vehicles, utilizing a rigorous data-driven approach that considers various factors like sales, public feedback, and media reviews to determine the best cars in the nation.
  • Diverse Categories: The awards encompass a wide range of vehicle categories, from traditional passenger cars and commercial vehicles to emerging segments like new-energy vehicles. Notable winners include the VW Polo Vivo, Suzuki Baleno, BMW iX3, Toyota Corolla Cross, and more.
  • Reflecting Industry Evolution: The inclusion of new-energy categories in this year's awards underscores the industry's shift towards electric and hybrid powertrains. The Naamsa Accelerator Awards provide valuable insights for consumers, support economic modeling, and inform government trade negotiations in the ever-changing automotive landscape.
Top-Performing Cars

Johannesburg, South Africa – The annual Accelerator Awards, hosted by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa), have once again set the stage to celebrate excellence in the country’s automotive sector. The 2023 awards recognize and honor the top-performing vehicles in various categories, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, including the emerging new-energy categories. This prestigious event, a cornerstone of the South African automotive industry, provides valuable insights for consumers and supports economic modeling and government trade negotiations.

A Data-Driven Approach to Excellence

The Naamsa Accelerator Awards are distinguished by their rigorous data-driven methodology. Naamsa, led by its CEO, Mikel Mabasa, collects, processes, aggregates, and publicly distributes vast sets of data on the automotive industry each month. This comprehensive data collection includes factors like overall sales, public feedback, and media reviews. The aim is to assess and acknowledge the top-performing vehicles across the nation’s automotive landscape.

Mikel Mabasa explains the importance of their approach, saying, “What makes the Accelerator Awards unique and so coveted is the fact that it is based on hard facts. Naamsa is the custodian of all the industry data, from sales to dealer performance, and we thought it prudent to use this information to award the outright best performers in various sales, service, and performance categories.”

The awards play a pivotal role in informing government trade negotiations and supporting economic modeling. It offers a transparent and objective framework to evaluate the automotive sector’s performance.

Recognizing Excellence Across Categories

The 2023 Naamsa Accelerator Awards featured a wide array of categories, covering passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and new-energy vehicles. The categories for passenger cars are:

  1. Passenger Car of the Year – The coveted title was awarded to the VW Polo Vivo.
    • Runner-up: Suzuki Swift
    • Runner-up: Toyota Corolla Cross
  2. Biggest Achiever of the Year (Passenger Vehicles) – This category recognized models that saw the most significant improvement in sales compared to the previous year, with the award going to the Suzuki Baleno.
    • Runner-up: Honda BR-V
    • Runner-up: Suzuki Dzire
  3. New Energy Vehicle of the Year (Plug-in) – As the automotive industry shifts toward electric powertrains, the BMW iX3 clinched the top spot in the Plug-in category.
    • Runner-up: BMW iX
    • Runner-up: Mini Cooper SE
  4. New Energy Vehicle of the Year (Traditional Hybrids) – This category celebrated the best traditional hybrid models, with the Toyota Corolla Cross emerging as the winner.
    • Runner-up: Haval H6
    • Runner-up: Toyota Rav4
  5. Top Locally Manufactured Vehicle of the Year – In this category, the VW Polo secured the top spot for vehicles manufactured within South Africa.
    • Runner-up: Ford Ranger
    • Runner-up: Toyota Hilux
  6. Top Exported Vehicle of the Year – The VW Polo also received recognition as the top vehicle exported from South Africa to international markets.
    • Runner-up: BMW X3
    • Runner-up: Toyota Hilux
  7. Top Imported Vehicle of the Year – The award for top imported vehicle went to the Suzuki Swift.
    • Runner-up: Toyota Starlet
    • Runner-up: Toyota Urban Cruiser

It’s worth noting that there are additional categories like “Light Commercial Vehicle of the Year,” which was won by the Toyota Hilux, and categories for buses and heavy commercial vehicles.

Reflecting the Industry’s Evolution

This year’s awards are particularly noteworthy due to the inclusion of new-energy vehicle categories. As the global automotive industry pivots away from traditional internal combustion engines toward cleaner and more sustainable powertrains, these awards acknowledge the efforts and innovations made in South Africa.

The Naamsa Accelerator Awards not only celebrate excellence but also serve as a barometer of the evolving automotive landscape. They provide consumers with valuable insights when making decisions on purchasing vehicles, and they offer crucial data for economic modeling and government trade negotiations.

For the South African automotive industry, these awards are a testament to its resilience, adaptability, and ongoing commitment to delivering top-quality vehicles to local and global markets.



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