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2023-12-09 9:05 AM

South Africa’s Road Repair Initiative Hindered by Training Gaps

  • Operation Vala Zonke's Challenges: The article outlines the obstacles faced by South Africa's Operation Vala Zonke initiative, notably the struggle in effectively utilizing the National Public Pothole Reporting App due to insufficient training among officials. Despite its launch a year ago, many department personnel remain unable to harness the app's potential to identify and fix potholes efficiently.
  • Underspending in Road Repairs: Another significant point is the disparity between allocated budgets and actual expenditures in road repairs across South Africa. Despite allocating billions towards road maintenance, the Department of Transport has underspent its budget, raising concerns about the adequacy of efforts to address the deteriorating road infrastructure, including pothole repairs.
  • Discrepancy in Repair Figures: The article also sheds light on the discrepancy between allocated budgets and the tangible repair work accomplished. The data reveal that despite substantial financial allocations, the actual repairs completed over the past six months cover only a fraction of the extensive road network in need of attention, reflecting a significant gap between allocated funds and their effective utilization.
By Miriam Matoma

The National Department of Transport’s ambitious initiative, Operation Vala Zonke, introduced a year ago, aimed to tackle the pervasive issue of potholes across South Africa. However, recent revelations from Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga shed light on persistent challenges plaguing the effective use of this innovative solution.

Operation Vala Zonke’s cornerstone, a National Public Pothole Reporting App, was envisioned to revolutionize the identification and swift repair of road potholes. Despite its potential, the app’s effectiveness has been marred by a significant roadblock—officials grappling with its utilization due to inadequate training.

Minister Chikunga, addressing recent parliamentary inquiries, pinpointed the disconnect between the system’s capabilities and the skill set of department personnel. Training remains underway, leaving the app’s potential largely untapped over a year into its launch.

In tandem with this struggle, the Department of Transport’s financial allocation towards road repairs contrasts starkly with the actual expenditure. Despite an expenditure surpassing R3.65 billion within the last six months dedicated to rectifying the country’s deteriorating roads, Minister Chikunga highlighted a concerning trend of substantial underspending.

The discrepancies between allocated budgets and actual spending present a significant challenge. Chikunga revealed that a mere 29% of the Provincial Roads Maintenance Grant of R12,665,440,753 had been utilized. This underutilization raises alarms about the adequacy of efforts to maintain and repair the nation’s road infrastructure, encompassing not only pothole repairs but also general road maintenance.

Examining the breakdown per province, the figures unveil a disconcerting narrative. Gauteng, for instance, allocated R680,058,000, yet only expended a meager 9% of this amount, totaling R61,111,024. The disparities persist across various provinces, with budgets remaining largely unspent, thereby impeding comprehensive road rehabilitation efforts.

Additionally, despite the substantial expenditure, the repairs completed over the past six months accounted for approximately 1,291,442m² of patched potholes, a fraction of the vast road network in dire need of attention.

Minister Chikunga emphasized that the allocated budget was intended to encompass a comprehensive approach to maintaining provincial Strategic and Secondary road networks. It aimed to address various aspects, including blacktop patching and pothole repairs, which are critical components of the broader infrastructure maintenance strategy.

The lack of synchronization between allocated funds and actual utilization poses a pressing concern. In light of this, Chikunga reiterated the urgency for effective training programs to enable officials at both provincial and municipal levels to adeptly employ the Vala Zonke app. A successful implementation would streamline the reporting, tracking, and resolution of potholes, thereby enhancing service delivery and public engagement.

While the initiative holds promise, the stumbling blocks encountered underscore the imperative for swift remedial actions. The concerted effort to bridge the gap between allocated resources and their effective utilization becomes paramount in ensuring the safety and sustainability of South Africa’s road infrastructure.

As Operation Vala Zonke navigates these hurdles, the focus remains on optimizing the app’s potential through comprehensive training programs and bolstering financial stewardship to realize the desired outcomes—a road network that is safe, reliable, and conducive to economic growth for all South Africans.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam