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2023-12-11 9:55 AM

South Africa’s Coastal Property Hotspots: Top Destinations Revealed

  • Surge in Demand for Coastal Properties: Post-Covid-19, there has been a substantial increase in interest and demand for coastal properties in South Africa's Western and Eastern Capes. Factors such as semigration and the desire for second homes among individuals from economic centers have contributed to this surge.
  • Diverse Array of Prime Holiday Home Destinations: The article explores various sought-after coastal regions, such as Clifton, Camps Bay, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Langebaan, Yzerfontein, Pringle Bay, Rooi Els, Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay, Big Bay, and Bloubergstrand. Each area offers unique attractions, ranging from opulent luxury in Clifton to tranquil retreats in Yzerfontein and surfing paradises in Jeffreys Bay.
  • Varied Property Options and Price Ranges: Across these coastal regions, there is a wide range of property options available, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. The prices of these properties vary significantly, from multimillion-dollar estates in Clifton to more affordable options in areas like Langebaan and Jeffreys Bay, making these regions accessible to a broad spectrum of buyers and investors.
By Miriam Matoma

The picturesque landscapes and idyllic coastal regions of the Western and Eastern Capes in South Africa have long been magnets for holiday home enthusiasts and property investors. As the tourism sector makes a steadfast recovery post the Covid-19 pandemic, the allure of these regions for acquiring second homes has grown significantly. Notably, the Western Cape coastal towns have witnessed a remarkable surge in demand over the last couple of years, fueled not only by the semigration trend but also by the desire of individuals from economic centers such as Gauteng to invest in these areas.

Seeff Property Group, a leading real estate firm, has emphasized the escalating demand for coastal properties, shedding light on the appeal of owning a second home in regions like Clifton, Camps Bay, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Langebaan, Yzerfontein, Pringle Bay, Rooi Els, Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay, Big Bay, and Bloubergstrand. Each of these areas presents unique offerings, attracting diverse buyers seeking an escape into the serenity and beauty of coastal living.

Clifton and Camps Bay, situated in Cape Town, stand out as premier holiday home destinations for the affluent. With Clifton boasting an average house price exceeding R50 million and apartments fetching over R22 million, these areas represent opulence defined by a cosmopolitan lifestyle, stunning scenery nestled between mountains, and pristine blue flag beaches. The demand for properties here has soared, witnessing substantial growth, primarily attributed to international buyers from the UK and Germany.

Moving along the coastline, Plettenberg Bay and Knysna emerge as enchanting locations with a mix of luxury and affordability. Plett has seen homes sell for impressive prices ranging from R17.3 million to R60 million, offering a range of options from beachfront residences to exquisite apartments. Knysna, especially its waterfront properties in Thesen Islands, has experienced significant sales, showcasing homes ranging from R5 million to R15 million, attracting buyers seeking exclusivity and luxury.

The West Coast towns of Langebaan and Yzerfontein, known for their proximity to Cape Town, have become sought-after weekend retreats. Boasting beachfront homes ranging from R8.25 million to R8.8 million in Langebaan’s Calypso Beach Estate, these areas appeal to those seeking a blend of convenience and tranquility. Yzerfontein, devoid of commercialization, appeals to those preferring a quieter lifestyle, with homes fetching around R6.5 million.

Further down the coastline, Pringle Bay and Rooi Els offer charming villages amidst the natural beauty of the Kogelberg Biosphere. Pringle Bay, more commercialized than Rooi Els, presents homes ranging from R2 million to R5 million, while Rooi Els offers a slightly higher price range, averaging around R3.6 million, appealing to individuals seeking a more serene environment.

In the Eastern Cape, Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay reign as surfing paradises with accessible amenities and diverse property options. Jeffreys Bay, renowned for its surfing spots, offers properties ranging from R2 million to R8 million, making it an attractive option for both surf enthusiasts and investors. St Francis Bay, boasting waterfront and golf estate properties, offers homes in a similar price range, catering to those seeking a blend of recreation and luxury.

Bloubergstrand and Big Bay, known for their surfing allure, have witnessed increased interest from international buyers, especially from the UK and Europe. The lucrative Airbnb market in Blouberg has made it an attractive investment hub, with properties ranging from R2 million to upper millions. Meanwhile, Big Bay offers apartments, townhouses, and estates priced from about R2 million to R8 million on average, appealing to a spectrum of buyers seeking diverse property options.

In conclusion, South Africa’s Western and Eastern Capes offer a rich tapestry of coastal living experiences, each presenting unique landscapes, lifestyle, and investment opportunities. Whether it’s the luxurious elegance of Clifton, the tranquil retreats of Langebaan, or the surfing havens of Jeffreys Bay, these coastal paradises cater to a wide array of preferences, making them prime destinations for holiday home seekers and investors looking to immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of coastal South Africa.

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Miriam Matoma

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