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2024-02-10 8:33 AM

Ramaphosa Signals End of Load-Shedding: South Africa Rejoices

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa declares the end of load-shedding woes in South Africa, instilling hope for a brighter energy future during his 2024 State of the Nation Address.
  • Ramaphosa attributes progress in mitigating load-shedding to the National Energy Crisis Committee and emphasizes the pivotal role of private investment, particularly in renewable energy, in bolstering the power grid.
  • While significant strides have been made, concerns persist regarding the root causes of recurrent load-shedding under Ramaphosa's tenure, highlighting the need for sustained investment, innovative policies, and proactive measures to ensure energy resilience in South Africa.
By Miriam Matoma

In a landmark address at the 2024 State of the Nation ceremony in Cape Town, President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a message of optimism, proclaiming, “We are confident that the worst of load-shedding is behind us and the end of load shedding is finally within reach.” This declaration marks a significant turn in South Africa’s energy landscape, signaling hope for millions of citizens grappling with the debilitating effects of power cuts.

Ramaphosa wasted no time in addressing the elephant in the room, identifying the energy and logistics crises as formidable barriers to the nation’s economic prosperity. With unwavering determination, he attributed the recent progress in mitigating load-shedding to the concerted efforts of the National Energy Crisis Committee. Highlighting the role of private investment in bolstering the power grid, the President emphasized the pivotal contribution of private electricity generation and sectoral investments in resolving the energy crisis.

The revival of the renewable energy program emerged as a beacon of hope in Ramaphosa’s address, underscoring the remarkable achievements made over the past five years. Notably, more than 2,500MW of solar and wind power have been seamlessly integrated into the grid, with ambitious plans underway to triple this capacity through ongoing procurement and construction endeavors. The President’s commitment to incentivizing rooftop solar installations reflects a proactive stance in embracing sustainable energy solutions.

Crucially, Ramaphosa outlined comprehensive reforms aimed at reshaping the energy landscape to ensure competitiveness, sustainability, and reliability in the years ahead. The ambitious plan to construct over 14,000km of new transmission lines underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to accommodating renewable energy sources. Moreover, the President’s pledge to facilitate private investment in transmission infrastructure through innovative models heralds a new era of collaboration between the public and private sectors.

However, amidst the optimism surrounding South Africa’s energy renaissance, questions linger regarding the underlying factors driving the surge in private investment. Despite significant strides, Ramaphosa’s tenure has been marred by recurrent bouts of load-shedding, with 2023 registering as the worst year on record. While the President’s address provided assurances of a brighter future, it stopped short of addressing the root causes behind the persistent energy challenges facing the nation.

As South Africa charts a course towards energy independence, the road ahead remains fraught with challenges. The need for sustained investment, innovative policy frameworks, and proactive measures to address infrastructure bottlenecks will be paramount in realizing the vision of a robust and resilient energy sector. With President Ramaphosa’s unwavering commitment and the collective efforts of all stakeholders, South Africa stands poised to overcome its energy woes and emerge as a beacon of progress in the African continent.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam