You can now use your Standard Bank UCount Rewards to get a brand-new smartphone | Press Release

Johannesburg, 09 March 2021 – The events of 2020 have transformed the way we learn, shop, communicate and connect with one another. Many people are purchasing more online, and seeking new ways to connect, mostly through social media platforms, voice and video chats. 

With limitations around normal social interaction, there has been an increased reliance on the mobile device. Many people are opting for voice and video calls as the next best option to connect with family and friends.

In March last year, Facebook reported a 70% weekly increase in the number of people using Facebook Messenger for group video calls. Meanwhile, popular video conferencing smartphone applications that enable employees to continue working and individuals to stay connected with family and friends, have also seen explosive growth.

Client centricity is at the heart of everything we do at Standard Bank and considering the surge in mobile phone usage, UCount Rewards members can now use their Rewards Points to get a brand-new smartphone, via the new UCount Mobile offering.

UCount Mobile (part of the UCount Rewards Loyalty Programme) makes it easier to connect meaningfully with friends, family and colleagues by providing the opportunity for new and existing members to receive a brand-new smartphone, using their UCount Rewards Points, which they earn while shopping for the things they love.

“Customers can earn up to 1.25% back in UCount Rewards Points when using their debit and credit cards, up to R5 per litre for fuel and oil, up to 20% back for Groceries, Fashion or Lifestyle Rewards and at Rewards Retailers. Now these Rewards Points can be used to pay for a smartphone to connect with loved ones, as well as bank and shop online,” says Fayelizabeth Foster, Head of Loyalty and Rewards at Standard Bank.

UCount Mobile offers members a Standard Bank Mobile SIM card, 50 free minutes and 500MB of data every month, and the chance to earn up to 30% back in Rewards Points for UCount Mobile SIM spend.

“With a high degree of uncertainty as to how long COVID-19 will still be with us, and with companies and individuals realising that it is possible to connect from wherever you may be, changes to the way we work and communicate are not going to fade away anytime soon,” Foster adds.

With a smartphone, customers can then access the UCount Rewards tile on Standard Bank’s Mobile Banking App, where they can view their Rewards Tier Level and Points balance.

Customers can also take advantage of the recently launched Goals and Gains feature on the App, where they can be rewarded with Retailer vouchers or additional UCount Rewards Points, just for completing personalised goals that are available on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

UCount Rewards members can also redeem Rewards Points on the App for various Rewards Retailer vouchers or into their Savings & Investments or Loan accounts.

Customers can find the nearest Rewards Retailers or Caltex via the geolocator on the Standard Bank App. They can also activate a new Rewards Card and set a PIN, suspend a card, and set a 3D Secure PIN for online e-commerce transactions, which have increased as customers look for safer, easier ways to buy goods and services.

“UCount Rewards, as the name suggests, provides an opportunity for us as Standard Bank, to give something back to our customers by making it easier for them to be rewarded for their spend, and for remaining loyal Standard Bank customers,” says Foster.

You can now use your Standard Bank UCount Rewards to get a brand-new smartphone | Press Release

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