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Meta Unveils Quest 3: Enhanced VR Experience at Affordable Price

Meta Quest 3
  • Meta unveils the Quest 3: A new virtual reality headset with enhanced design and improved performance.
  • The Quest 3 features a 40% slimmer optic profile, lighter design, and a more powerful Snapdragon chip for superior graphics.
  • Meta reduces the price of the Quest 2 by Zar 1,900.00 ($100), making it more affordable for consumers.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has unveiled its latest virtual reality headset, the Quest 3, promising an enhanced immersive experience for users. Set to be released this fall, the Quest 3 boasts a sleeker design, improved comfort, and a more powerful Snapdragon chip for superior graphics performance. The company also announced a significant price reduction for its predecessor, the Quest 2.

Compared to its predecessor, the Quest 3 features a 40 percent slimmer optic profile (excluding the foam facial interface) and a lighter and more comfortable design. The headset will be available in a 128GB version for $499.99. Additionally, Meta will offer an additional storage option for users who require more space, although the pricing for this option has not been specified yet.

One of the notable advancements in the Quest 3 is the new Snapdragon chip, which provides twice the graphics performance compared to the Quest 2. This improvement ensures a more immersive and visually stunning VR experience for users.

What sets the Quest 3 apart is its compatibility with the Quest 2’s games, allowing users to seamlessly transition to the new headset without losing access to their favorite titles. In a move to make the Quest 2 more accessible to consumers, Meta has announced a price drop effective June 4th. The 128GB version of the Quest 2 will be available for $299.99, a reduction of $100. The 256GB version will also receive a price cut from $429.99 to $349.99, making the version with additional storage cheaper than it was before.

To further enhance the virtual reality experience, Meta has announced an upcoming software update for both the Quest 2 and the high-end Quest Pro. The update will improve the CPU and GPU performance of these headsets and introduce Dynamic Resolution Scaling.

The announcement of the Quest 3 comes just days before Apple’s expected unveiling of its long-rumored mixed reality headset. Meta’s strategic timing aims to capture the attention and interest of consumers in the VR market.

For those interested in the Quest 3, Meta provides an option to sign up for more information, ensuring potential buyers are kept informed about the latest updates and availability.

Meta has also revealed details about the Quest 3’s design, confirming earlier reports by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The device showcases three new sensor areas across its front, distinguishing it from previous versions. These sensor zones, along with the redesigned controllers, offer improved functionality and tracking accuracy. Notably, the pill-shaped zones house four cameras split evenly between the left and right sides, including full-color and standard cameras, as well as a depth sensor in the middle, which can enhance the headset’s augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

The new Touch Plus controllers introduced with the Quest 3 feature TruTouch haptics, providing users with a more immersive and tactile experience. The controllers no longer have the previous ring design but are equipped with sensors that work in conjunction with the headset’s depth sensor. Meta has confirmed that hand tracking will be supported out of the box, further enhancing the natural and intuitive interaction with the virtual environment.

Meta’s latest virtual reality offering, the Quest 3, is set to redefine the VR experience with its enhanced design, increased performance, and compatibility with existing games. With a competitive price point and improvements over its predecessor, the Quest 3 aims to capture the attention of both enthusiasts and newcomers to the virtual reality world.



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