Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6: Bigger Screens, Premium Upgrades!

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to have larger displays: 1.31-inch OLED for 40mm version, 1.47-inch OLED for 44mm version, and similar sizes for Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.
  • Upgraded features include sapphire crystal glass displays for all models, potential physical rotating bezel for the Classic version, and bezel-less design for the standard version.
  • Enhanced performance with Exynos W930 chip, increased storage (16GB), and RAM (2GB), along with slightly larger batteries (300mAh for smaller sizes, 425mAh for larger sizes).

The tech community is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 prepares to make its grand debut. Leaked specifications shared by renowned tipster SnoopyTech, via 9to5Google, have shed light on some exciting enhancements that could make this smartwatch a game-changer.

Slimmer Bezels, Bigger Screens

One of the most notable upgrades in the Galaxy Watch 6 is the larger display size, courtesy of its slimmed-down bezels. According to the leaked specs, the 40mm version will boast a 1.31-inch OLED display, while the 44mm variant will offer a 1.47-inch OLED display. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will receive similar upgrades, featuring the same display sizes for its rumored 43mm and 47mm options.

ModelDisplay Size (Inches)Display TypeResolution
Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm)1.31OLED432 x 432
Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm)1.47OLED480 x 480
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43mm)1.31OLED432 x 432
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (47mm)1.47OLED480 x 480

With this advancement, the Galaxy Watch 6 series will present users with more screen real estate for an immersive and convenient smartwatch experience. The displays are rumored to sport resolutions of 432 x 432 for the 1.2-inch screen and 480 x 480 for the 1.47-inch display—improvements over its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 5.

Enhanced Durability and Design

Another exciting revelation from the leaked specs is Samsung’s decision to equip all Galaxy Watch 6 models with sapphire crystal glass displays. This move towards premium materials indicates the company’s commitment to durability, as sapphire crystal offers enhanced scratch resistance. Previously, this feature was reserved for the more expensive Watch 5 Classic model.

The design of the Galaxy Watch 6 is also expected to see some changes. While the standard Galaxy Watch 6 will likely adopt a bezel-less design for a sleeker appearance, leaked images suggest that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic could feature a physical rotating bezel—an homage to the beloved feature present in earlier iterations of Samsung’s smartwatches.

A Performance Boost and Improved Battery

Under the hood, the Galaxy Watch 6 is rumored to receive substantial upgrades. The smartwatch may be powered by the new Exynos W930 chip, promising improved performance and efficiency compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, storage and memory capacities are expected to increase to 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, surpassing the 1.5GB of RAM found in the Galaxy Watch 5.

Battery life was a notable concern with the previous model, and Samsung seems to have addressed this feedback. The Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic will reportedly feature slightly larger batteries, with the smaller size options sporting a 300mAh battery and the larger ones housing a 425mAh battery. Though it remains uncertain if this directly translates to better battery life, it indicates that Samsung is striving to address this aspect.

Unpacked Event: All Eyes on July 26th

Samsung enthusiasts and tech aficionados won’t have to wait much longer to witness these exciting developments in action. The Galaxy Watch 6 is set to be unveiled during Samsung’s Unpacked event on July 26th, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5.

The forthcoming Galaxy Watch 6 is poised to elevate the smartwatch experience with its larger displays, premium materials, upgraded performance, and design improvements. As the anticipation builds, consumers eagerly await the chance to explore the cutting-edge features that Samsung’s latest offering will bring to their wrists.

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