Meta’s Threads: Challenging Twitter’s Dominance in Public Conversations

  • Meta releases Threads, a standalone Twitter competitor, aiming to provide a stable and community-friendly platform for public conversations.
  • The move is driven by Twitter's perceived volatility under Elon Musk and the opportunity to build something more open for Instagram's existing user base.
  • Threads faces the challenge of unseating Twitter's strong network effects and established user base, but Meta's focus extends beyond user numbers, aiming for cultural relevance and offering an alternative to centralized social media platforms.
Twitter VS Instagram Threads

In a move that could potentially disrupt the landscape of public conversations, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has unleashed Threads, a standalone Twitter competitor. With this bold step, Meta aims to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the realm of open discourse. While the success of Threads remains uncertain, it represents a commendable effort to offer a more community-friendly and stable platform. However, it would be naive to overlook the challenges posed by Twitter’s entrenched position and the charismatic force of Elon Musk.

The Twitter Opportunity

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, acknowledges Twitter’s historic role in pioneering the public conversation space. Nevertheless, he believes there is an opportunity to build something more open and beneficial for the existing Instagram community. With Twitter undergoing changes and exhibiting volatility under the leadership of Elon Musk, Meta perceived an opening to introduce a compelling alternative.

Navigating Uncertain Waters

Threads is undeniably a risky endeavour. Launching a new app from scratch is an arduous task, fraught with challenges and a slim probability of success. However, Meta’s decision to release Threads was expedited by recent controversies surrounding Musk’s limitations on tweet visibility. This timing further exemplifies Meta’s determination to provide a stable and engaging platform for public conversations.

Threads’ Unique Features

Threads bears striking similarities to Twitter, featuring a main feed displaying posts, or “threads,” from followed accounts, along with recommendations based on Instagram’s algorithm. Users can repost content with their own commentary, and replies take centre stage in the main feed. Notably, Threads supports posts of up to 500 characters, as well as photos and videos up to five minutes long. Importantly, the absence of ads in the initial release reflects Meta’s focus on building a solid user base before considering monetization.

Meta’s Strategic Integration

By leveraging Instagram’s account system, Threads streamlines the onboarding process for users, allowing them to auto-populate their account information and follow lists from their existing Instagram profiles. Furthermore, the seamless sharing of posts between Threads and Instagram strengthens the bond between the two platforms. Verified accounts on Instagram will be recognized on Threads, and moderation actions taken on Threads will not impact associated Instagram accounts, except in extreme cases.

The Uphill Battle

Threads faces a monumental challenge in unseating Twitter, a platform with an extensive network and a vibrant community. Meta fully acknowledges this reality, emphasizing the importance of not underestimating Twitter and Musk. The network effects and entrenched user base of Twitter cannot be disregarded. It is essential to recognize that toppling such an established giant requires more than just innovative features; it demands a cultural shift.

The Cultural Relevance Factor

Adam Mosseri expresses a broader vision for Threads, indicating that cultural relevance outweighs the pursuit of massive user numbers. While the aspiration for a significant user base is present, Meta’s focus on creating a platform that resonates culturally with users, particularly newer creators seeking alternatives to centralized social media companies, showcases a commitment to long-term impact.


Meta’s Threads represents a commendable endeavour to challenge Twitter’s dominance and provide an open and community-driven platform for public conversations. While the road ahead is rife with challenges, Threads offers unique features and leverages Instagram’s account system, strengthening its potential appeal. However, success hinges not just on technical superiority but also on fostering a cultural shift. As Threads ventures into uncharted territory, its cultural relevance and ability to captivate users will be the true measures of triumph in this audacious undertaking.

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