How South Africans can get a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Are you a South African who fantasises of living in Portugal, riding the tramcar, and sipping wine while watching the sunset over the beach? You can now do so with the Portugal digital nomad visa.

Portugal is one of the few European countries that now provides remote workers and digital nomads with a long-stay visa. With this visa, South Africans can stay in Portugal for up to two years and work remotely from one of the world’s greatest digital nomad hotspots.

South Africans can stay in Portugal for two years on a D7 visa thanks to the Portugal digital nomad visa. It is, however, renewable and allows you to stay for an additional three years. If you pass a basic Portuguese language test after five years in Portugal, you can apply for permanent residency.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad is a migratory individual who uses technology to work remotely from locations outside their native nation. A digital nomad visa is a document or programme that grants the legal permission to operate remotely while staying outside of one’s country of citizenship.

The word digital nomad visa is rarely used by the governments that issue them; most territories give their programmes a distinctive name, such as the Global Citizen Concierge Program on the Cayman Islands, or use more general terminology such as residence permit. Keep in mind, however, that these visas may not target digital nomads specifically.

Visas for digital nomads are available to workers and students, though costs and restrictions may vary. The Work From Bermuda Certificate, for instance, requires applicants to submit confirmation of enrolment in an undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or research programme.

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Requirements for South Africans

1. Valid Passport

Your passport must be valid for at least three months following the expiration date of your visa to Portugal.

2. Portugal Tax Number

You will require an NIF if you intend to engage in any fiscal activities during your stay in Portugal. A NIF is a Portuguese tax identification number. Using the linked URL, you can acquire it without leaving your home.

3. Remote Job

You are a remote employee of a non-Portuguese corporation, the owner of a non-Portuguese business, or a freelancer with foreign clientele. These may include businesses in South Africa that allow you to work remotely.

4. Earn 700€ (R12000) per Month

You must earn at least 700 Euros per month and provide income documentation and bank statements.

5. South African Criminal Background Check Certificate

To verify you have not been convicted of a crime in South Africa, run a background check with your local police station. When applying for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa this is taken very seriously.

6. Proof of Health Insurance

You are required to have health insurance for the term of your visa in Portugal. You cannot utilise your South African health insurance; instead, you must obtain a Schengen area health insurance; Portuguese health insurance is preferable.

7. Completed Application Form

Fill out the application form, sign it, and print it to bring to your interview.

8. Pay Visa Fee

The application fee for a digital nomad visa in Portugal is 83 euros (R1396,67). The additional charge for the residence permit is 72 euros (1211,57).

Steps to Apply for the Portugal Nomad Visa for South Africans

Now that you are aware of the requirements and documentation necessary to apply for a Portugal digital nomad visa, we will outline the exact steps you must take to submit your application.

1. Obtain Documents, a Portugal Tax Identification Card, and a Portuguese Bank Account

2. Attend the interview at an Embassy or Consulate of Portugal in South Africa

3. Wait for the Digital Nomad Visa Approval

4. Apply for Residence Permit

After your visa has been accepted, you can relocate to Portugal! When you enter the nation, you will be required to apply for a residence permit. You must present the same paperwork from your consular appointment in addition to your issued visa.