Transnet Appoints New Board Members to Drive Strategic Transformation and Boost Economic Competitiveness

  • Minister Pravin Gordhan has announced the appointment of new members to the board of directors of Transnet SOC Ltd, highlighting the government's commitment to infusing the state-owned company with the necessary skills, experience, and business acumen.
  • The newly constituted board, consisting of diverse industry experts, aims to propel Transnet's strategic transformation and enhance its role as a key player in South Africa's freight and logistics sector. These appointments will provide critical expertise, improve governance, and optimize the company's performance.
  • The appointments include individuals with extensive backgrounds in areas such as supply chain management, finance, legal services, human resources, engineering, and labor relations. Their collective knowledge and experience will contribute to Transnet's growth, competitiveness, and economic dynamism.

In a significant move to enhance the strategic transformation of Transnet SOC Ltd, the Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr. Pravin Gordhan, has unveiled the appointment of new members to the company’s Board of Directors. This announcement reflects the South African government’s unwavering commitment to infusing the state-owned enterprise with the necessary skills, experience, and business acumen. The new board is poised to propel Transnet as a vital player in the country’s freight and logistics domain, driving South Africa’s competitiveness and economic dynamism.

Minister Gordhan emphasized that the reconstituted board would set Transnet on a firm strategic path, providing critical expertise, experience, and acumen necessary for the company to effectively execute its roadmap, business plan, and enhance governance and performance.

The newly appointed Non-Executive Directors comprise a diverse group of individuals with extensive backgrounds in various industries, bringing a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives to Transnet’s boardroom. Their collective expertise will contribute to the company’s optimization and strategic execution.

Mr. Andile Sangqu, a qualified Chartered Accountant and former Vice President of the Minerals Council South Africa, has been appointed as the new Chairperson of the Board. His leadership and experience will guide Transnet through its transformative journey.

Ms. Lebogang Letsoalo, a global supply chain coach and CEO of Sincpoint, brings over 23 years of experience in end-to-end supply chain management across industries such as Energy, Chemicals, Construction, Transport, and Mining. Her expertise will be instrumental in streamlining Transnet’s supply chain operations.

Mr. Martin Debel, an Executive Director at Experion Global, possesses in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry, gained through extensive working experience in various sectors. With expertise in ports, terminal operations, shipping, and logistics, Mr. Debel’s insights will contribute to Transnet’s growth and efficiency.

Mr. Dipak Patel, Head of Climate Finance and Innovation at the South African Presidential Climate Commission, joins the Transnet Board with an impressive background in international development finance. His experience in developing financial solutions for infrastructure projects in Africa will be invaluable as Transnet pursues sustainable initiatives.

Mr. Busisa Jiya, CEO of the Association for Savings and Investment SA (Asisa), brings extensive expertise in savings, asset management, collective investment schemes, retirement funds, banking, and insurance. His leadership will contribute to Transnet’s financial stability and growth.

Ms. Mosadiwamaretlwe Pearl Zambane, a legal consultant with a strong background in risk management, previously held leadership positions at the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa and Standard Bank. Her legal expertise and risk management experience will bolster Transnet’s compliance and governance framework.

Ms. Boitumelo Sedupane, an Executive Committee member with extensive experience in Human Resource leadership, will provide strategic guidance in managing Transnet’s human capital. Her knowledge of HR operations in mining and multinational organizations will enhance the company’s workforce efficiency.

Ms. Refilwe Buthelezi, the current President of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), brings extensive experience in engineering and professional registration. Her expertise will help shape Transnet’s engineering capabilities and ensure the company maintains high standards of excellence.

Mr. Elias Monage, with over 20 years of experience in the labor movement, joins the Transnet Board as a National Collective Bargaining Negotiator for NUMSA. His expertise in staffing, recruitment, and labor relations will contribute to Transnet’s commitment to fair and sustainable employment practices.

The reappointments to the Transnet Board include Mr. Popo Molefe, founding member and Executive Chairperson of Lereko Investments. With his leadership expertise and knowledge of transport, logistics, and mineral resources, Mr. Molefe will continue to add value to the Board.

Dr. Sydney Mufamadi, a key figure in the establishment of COSATU and former Minister of Safety and Security, brings extensive leadership experience to the Board. His contributions to the School of Leadership at the University of Johannesburg further demonstrate his commitment to driving positive change.

With the addition of these new appointees, the Transnet Board will be composed of thirteen directors, including eleven Non-Executive Directors and two Executive Directors responsible for the General Chief Executive (GCE) and Group Chief Financial Officer (GCFO) positions.

Minister Gordhan expressed his confidence in the newly constituted board, stating that these appointments ensure strategic alignment in Transnet’s pursuit of its mandate as a key driver of economic growth, development, and transformation. The government’s commitment to revitalizing Transnet will be further reinforced through the infusion of diverse expertise and the pursuit of optimized governance and performance.

As Transnet progresses on its strategic path, these appointments are poised to facilitate the execution of critical initiatives, drive competitiveness, and bolster South Africa’s freight and logistics sector. The combination of fresh perspectives and seasoned leadership promises to unlock the full potential of Transnet as a vital catalyst for economic development and transformation in the country.

About Transnet SOC Ltd:
Transnet SOC Ltd is a state-owned enterprise responsible for South Africa’s freight transport and logistics sector. The company plays a crucial role in driving the country’s economic growth and competitiveness through its strategic infrastructure and operations.



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