Premier Winde Hails Impressive Progress at George’s Multi-Million Rand Water Project, Ensuring Future-Proof Services

  • Premier Alan Winde lauds the significant progress made at the multi-million-rand water infrastructure project in George, Western Cape. The project aims to meet the increasing demand for essential services such as water, sanitation, and electricity in the region.
  • The George Municipality received a R1.107 billion grant from the National Treasury's Budget Facility for Infrastructure Funding (BFI) to finance the upgrades. The project includes the expansion of the water treatment works, as well as other components like upgrading the dam outlet, refurbishing the sludge discharge system, and constructing a new raw water storage dam.
  • The project addresses the challenge of power blackouts by installing backup generators at the raw water pump station. This ensures uninterrupted water pumping and processing during blackouts, safeguarding the reliability of water and sanitation services. The Premier's visit highlights the commitment to sustainable development and the importance of community involvement in preserving infrastructure for future generations.
Multi-Million Rand Water Project,

Premier Alan Winde visited the site of the new water treatment works extension project in George today, expressing his admiration for the significant progress achieved thus far. The premier commended all parties involved in this ambitious undertaking, emphasizing the importance of anticipating the growing demand for essential services such as water, sanitation, and electricity in the Western Cape. As the region experiences a notable influx of residents, particularly in areas like George, it is imperative to meet their needs while ensuring that communities take ownership and pride in infrastructure development projects for future generations.

The George Municipality secured a substantial R1.107 billion grant from the National Treasury’s Budget Facility for Infrastructure Funding (BFI) to facilitate the necessary upgrades. Premier Winde highlighted the impressive strides made, noting that the project exemplifies the region’s commitment to improving citizens’ lives through meticulously planned and expertly coordinated infrastructure development.

The primary component of the project involves expanding the water treatment works with a new 20 mega litre per day treatment plant extension. In addition, the project encompasses 11 other vital aspects, including:

  1. Upgrading the Garden Route dam outlet and supply
  2. Refurbishing the existing sludge discharge system
  3. Constructing a new 30 mega litre raw water storage balancing dam
  4. Installing and commissioning two 1100 kVA generators at the Garden Route dam raw water pump station to address the challenge of power blackouts

The project’s comprehensive approach takes into account the persistent issue of mass power blackouts, which have severely affected water and sanitation infrastructure, among other critical services. By integrating backup power solutions, the uninterrupted pumping of raw water to the treatment works during blackouts ensures the continuous processing of water.

During the site visit, Premier Winde was accompanied by Jacqulique Von Brandis, the Portfolio Councillor for Civil Engineering Services: Capital Projects and BFI, as well as Browen Johnson, the Portfolio Councillor for Civil Engineering Services in Operating Aspects. Von Brandis and Johnson emphasized the magnitude of the project, revealing that approximately R263 million will be allocated to civil engineering construction works, with an additional R220 million earmarked for mechanical and electrical works.

The multi-year endeavor aims to fortify the water infrastructure in George, ensuring its resilience in the face of increasing demand and potential challenges. By investing in these essential upgrades, the George Municipality demonstrates its dedication to safeguarding the well-being and quality of life of its residents. The Premier’s visit not only highlights the progress made but also serves as a testament to the Western Cape’s commitment to sustainable and future-oriented development.

As the project advances, it will continue to play a pivotal role in enhancing water accessibility, sanitation, and electricity services in George. The integration of state-of-the-art infrastructure will contribute to the region’s overall growth and serve as a blueprint for similar projects across the province. With ongoing support from the government and communities taking pride in these developments, the Western Cape can tackle the challenges posed by a growing population and secure a prosperous future for its residents.

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