Minister Zizi Kodwa Embarks on Inspiring Journey to New Zealand

  • Minister Zizi Kodwa is traveling to New Zealand to offer his support to Banyana Banyana, South Africa's national women's football team, at the FIFA Women's World Cup.
  • Banyana Banyana's impressive performance in a warm-up match against Costa Rica indicates that the team's preparations for the World Cup are on track.
  • Minister Kodwa urges all South Africans to rally behind Banyana Banyana, who enter the World Cup as African champions, representing the best of the country and inspiring national unity. With the nation's support, the team is expected to make the nation proud in the global tournament.
Journey to New Zealand

Yesterday, Minister Zizi Kodwa embarks on a journey to New Zealand to throw his weight behind Banyana Banyana, South Africa’s esteemed national women’s football team, as they compete in the prestigious FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Just a few days ago, Banyana Banyana displayed an impressive performance, securing a 2-0 victory against Costa Rica in a World Cup warm-up match, providing reassurance that the team’s preparations for the global tournament are well on track. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will kick off for Banyana Banyana as they take on Sweden in their first match on Sunday, 23 July 2023.

Minister Kodwa has long advocated for unwavering support and resources to be provided to Banyana Banyana, allowing them the space to concentrate fully on their World Cup campaign. His efforts are now bearing fruit as the team has found their rhythm and confidence in the lead-up to this momentous event.

The South African women’s team is heading into the World Cup as reigning African champions, a testament to their exceptional quality and remarkable leadership both on and off the field. Banyana Banyana represents the very best of South Africa and serves as an inspiration for national unity, as evidenced by the overwhelming support they have received from fellow South Africans.

Minister Kodwa passionately urges all citizens to come together and rally behind Banyana Banyana, demonstrating the depth of love and admiration the country has for its sporting heroes. With the entire nation’s backing, there is no doubt that Banyana Banyana will continue to make South Africa proud on the international stage.

African champions, Banyana Banyana, is composed of a cadre of high-caliber players who carry the hopes and aspirations of the nation. Their journey in the World Cup is not just a sporting event; it is a representation of the collective spirit and resilience of South Africa. The support from fans, both at home and abroad, is vital in igniting their passion and motivating them to conquer new heights in this global showcase.

Minister Zizi Kodwa’s presence at the FIFA Women’s World Cup signifies the government’s unwavering support for women’s sports and gender equality in the realm of athletics. By attending the tournament, he reinforces the significance of women’s participation and recognition in all facets of society, including sports.

The World Cup is a moment of unity for South Africa, where people from all walks of life converge to celebrate the extraordinary talents and achievements of Banyana Banyana. It is an occasion that transcends borders, creating an opportunity for the world to witness the power of sport in fostering camaraderie and breaking down barriers.

As Minister Kodwa heads to New Zealand, he carries the hopes of the nation, resonating with the sentiment that a nation united can achieve the impossible. The support garnered for Banyana Banyana during the tournament will undoubtedly inspire future generations of young women to pursue their dreams relentlessly and aspire to greatness, both on and off the field.

As Banyana Banyana takes center stage at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the nation will watch with bated breath, knowing that they have the backing of an entire country. The team’s journey in this historic event will be etched into the annals of South African sports history, inspiring generations to come and symbolizing the indomitable spirit of Banyana Banyana and the people they represent.

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