Gauteng Residents Urged to Partner with Police for Safer Communities

  • Urgent Call to Refrain from Vigilantism: The article highlights the recent incident in Setjwetla Section, Alexandra, where five men were violently attacked by the community due to suspicion of carrying illegal firearms and terrorizing residents. The Legislature's Portfolio Committee on Community Safety strongly condemns such acts of vigilantism and mob justice, urging Gauteng residents to avoid taking the law into their own hands.
  • Cooperation with Police and Criminal Justice System: The Committee emphasizes the importance of cooperating with the police and allowing the criminal justice system to handle suspected criminals appropriately. It stresses that there can be no justification for resorting to vigilantism, as it amounts to criminal behavior. Those found guilty of participating in such acts will face legal consequences.
  • Proactive Partnerships for Community Safety: Instead of resorting to violence, the Committee calls on residents to collaborate with the police in forming proactive partnerships across the province. By acting as the eyes and ears of law enforcement, residents can report suspected criminals promptly, contributing to the restoration of law and order in their communities. The article underscores the significance of collective responsibility and community spirit in combating rising crime rates and ensuring safer neighborhoods for all.
five men were set alight

In the wake of a tragic incident in Setjwetla Section, Alexandra, where five men were set alight by the community on suspicion of carrying illegal firearms and terrorizing residents, the Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety has strongly urged Gauteng residents to avoid resorting to vigilantism and taking the law into their own hands.

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday night, has sparked concerns about the escalation of vigilantism and mob justice in communities. The Committee, led by Honourable Bandile Masuku, unequivocally condemns such acts of violence and advocates for cooperation with the police and the criminal justice system to ensure the appropriate handling of suspected criminals.

In a statement, Committee Chairperson, Honourable Bandile Masuku, emphasized, “Mob justice and vigilantism have no place in our communities as they only serve to worsen unacceptable criminality and lawlessness. There can never be any justification for residents to take the law into their own hands as this, too, is tantamount to criminality. Those found guilty of this crime will find themselves having to face the full might of the law.”

The incident in Setjwetla Section highlights the growing concerns around vigilantism, indicating the need for proactive measures to address the root causes of crime and enhance community safety. Rather than resorting to violence and taking matters into their own hands, the Committee calls on residents to form proactive partnerships with the police across the province to combat rising crime rates and crack down on criminal elements in their communities.

Residents are encouraged to become active participants in safeguarding their neighborhoods by acting as the eyes and ears of law enforcement. The Committee strongly advises reporting any suspicions of criminal activity to the police promptly. By doing so, communities can play a pivotal role in restoring law and order, allowing the police to investigate and take appropriate action against alleged wrongdoers within the framework of the law.

Gauteng has been grappling with escalating crime rates, including armed robberies, carjackings, and house burglaries. The Committee believes that tackling crime requires a coordinated effort between residents and law enforcement agencies, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and community spirit.

In the face of this challenge, the Committee also emphasizes the importance of addressing the underlying factors that contribute to crime, such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to education and economic opportunities. Addressing these issues will be crucial in curbing criminal activity and fostering a safer and more secure environment for all residents.

Additionally, the Committee is advocating for increased community engagement and awareness programs aimed at educating residents about their rights, the role of law enforcement, and the importance of preserving the rule of law. This educational initiative aims to discourage individuals from resorting to vigilantism and emphasizes the significance of working together with the police to promote safer neighborhoods.

In conclusion, the Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety is urging Gauteng residents to reject vigilantism and mob justice. Instead, the Committee calls for proactive partnerships with law enforcement agencies, promoting community engagement, and reporting any suspected criminal activities to the police promptly. By working together and supporting the criminal justice system, communities can foster a safer and more secure environment for everyone, while maintaining the rule of law and upholding the principles of justice and fairness.

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