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2023-10-03 9:21 AM

Deputy Minister Swarts Unveils Bold Plans to Transform Leeudoringstad

  • Community Development Initiatives: Deputy Minister Swarts visited Leeudoringstad in North West, engaging with the community to address their concerns. The government, through the District Development Model (DDM), is planning a range of interventions to address issues like unemployment, with initiatives including training in firefighting and collaboration with the private sector.
  • Infrastructure Revival: The government plans to revisit road construction methods in the region, aiming for more durable and long-lasting roads to improve transportation and create job opportunities. Swarts emphasized the importance of maintaining public infrastructure by the community.
  • Education and Environmental Efforts: Concerns about overcrowded schools were acknowledged, with a commitment to engaging with schools and potentially building a "smart school" in the area. The Deputy Minister praised local youth volunteers for their work on environmental projects, aligning with climate change efforts.
By Miriam Matoma

Public Works and Infrastructure Deputy Minister, Bernice Swarts, made a significant visit to Leeudoringstad in the North West as part of her role as a champion of the Presidential District Development Model (DDM). The community welcomed her on Friday, where they voiced numerous concerns that have been affecting their daily lives.

Addressing Community Concerns

During her visit, Deputy Minister Swarts reassured the community that the government, through the DDM, has formulated a comprehensive plan of action to address the various challenges they raised. One of the most pressing issues in the area is unemployment, particularly among the youth and women. Swarts outlined that initiatives such as training young people in firefighting are in the works to create employment opportunities and enhance the area’s capacity to respond during fire seasons. Additionally, Swarts mentioned plans to engage the private sector in job creation efforts, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships in fostering economic growth.

To bolster employment opportunities in Leeudoringstad, the DDM team is also considering the implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). This long-term plan aims to revitalize the fresh produce market and reintroduce trains to the area, all of which contribute to job creation and sustainable economic development.

Infrastructure Revival

Addressing the deteriorating road infrastructure in the region, Deputy Minister Swarts highlighted the need for more robust and durable road construction methods. She expressed the government’s commitment to constructing roads with longer lifespans and the potential for creating additional job opportunities. These road projects are seen as critical for improving transportation and access to the region.

Swarts urged the community to take responsibility for maintaining the public infrastructure being implemented by the government, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in driving local development.

Education and Community Engagement

Deputy Minister Swarts also addressed concerns related to overcrowded schools in the area. She pledged the DDM team’s commitment to engage with local schools to find solutions for overcrowding and even floated the idea of constructing a “smart school” in the area, signaling a potential advancement in educational facilities.

Swarts commended the dedication of local youth volunteers who have been actively involved in environmental projects aimed at enhancing the municipality’s cleanliness. These initiatives align with efforts to combat climate change, and Swarts praised the community for their active participation in this regard.

Leadership Acknowledgment

The Deputy Minister applauded the leadership of both the Executive Mayor of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, Nikiwe Num, and the Executive Mayor of Maquassi Hills Local Municipality, Mzwandile Feliti, for their commitment to driving development in Leeudoringstad.

In a show of solidarity and service delivery, political principals joined the community in activities such as pothole patching and litter picking during the event.

Community Gratitude

Voster Makola, one of the residents of Leeudoringstad, expressed gratitude to Deputy Minister Swarts for her visit, acknowledging the government’s efforts to address the community’s concerns.

Swarts’s visit to the area serves as a prelude to the upcoming Presidential Imbizo scheduled to be held in the North West this month. The engagement between government officials and the Leeudoringstad community demonstrates the commitment of the DDM to addressing local challenges, fostering economic growth, and improving the overall quality of life in the region.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: miriam@rateweb.co.za Twitter: @MatomaMiriam