Buffalo City Metro Braces for Rainy Deluge Challenges

  • Buffalo City Metro, Eastern Cape, issues a flood warning due to persistent rainy conditions affecting multiple wards.
  • No fatalities or displacements have been reported, but the city's Disaster Management teams are actively collecting information on affected residents.
  • The city faces challenges caused by blocked drainage, illegal construction, and a week-long water shortage in Dimbaza, with recovery efforts underway.
Buffalo City Metro

Buffalo City Metro in the Eastern Cape has issued a stern warning to its residents and motorists as persistent rainy conditions threaten the region. Wards 15, 30, 33, 35, 45, and 49, along with Duncan Village Ward 2 and 6, are currently the most severely affected areas.

Despite these challenging weather conditions, Buffalo City Metro officials have reported that, fortunately, no one has been displaced, and there have been no fatalities. The city’s Disaster Management teams, in collaboration with Human Settlements, are actively on the ground, collecting crucial information about the affected people.

In an official statement, Buffalo City Metro urged its residents to exercise caution and offered essential contact information for disaster response. The Electricity Department and Fire Services, as well as Disaster Management, remain on standby to address any emergencies that may arise.

Should residents encounter any eventuality, they are advised to contact Disaster Management at 0437437118 and the Fire Service at 043 705 9000. The city has called upon local councillors to remain vigilant and activate their ward-based structures to ensure a swift response to any unforeseen circumstances.

Buffalo City Metro expressed deep concern about several factors contributing to flooding in the area. These factors include the construction of houses in low-lying areas and wetlands, the strain on the drainage system, primarily due to littering, and the illegal construction on top of municipal infrastructure.

To keep residents informed and safe, the City maintains constant communication with the South African Weather Service to monitor severe weather conditions and distribute critical information to the affected communities and sectors.

Motorists traveling in the East London, Mdantsane, and eQonce areas have been advised to be vigilant, especially on low-lying roads and bridges that may become hazardous during heavy rains. Several streets in the region are already experiencing blocked drainage, largely due to illegal dumping. In response, the city has deployed jetting machines to address the blockages in stormwater drainage systems.

Buffalo City Metro has demonstrated its proactive approach in dealing with these challenging weather conditions. Both internal and external teams are on standby and have been working diligently across the city to unblock stormwater systems and address the overflow problem. The city remains committed to resolving these issues until the situation significantly improves.

Furthermore, the city has confirmed that there is a water outage in Dimbaza, which is attributed to power disruptions. The entire water system has been affected, leaving it empty. Recovery efforts are underway, but it is estimated that it will take approximately a week to restore the system. This water shortage was caused by the absence of water production and pumping from Amatola Water’s Laing WTW for three days.

Buffalo City Metro continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of its residents, and it is actively working to manage and mitigate the effects of the ongoing rainy conditions. As the situation unfolds, the city encourages all its residents to stay informed and follow safety guidelines provided by local authorities.

For further updates and assistance, residents are urged to contact Disaster Management and Fire Services, while motorists should exercise extreme caution during their travels in the affected areas. Buffalo City Metro will continue to monitor and address the situation until it is fully resolved.

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