Fortnite’s Game-Changing Payout Update

  • New Reward Metric Unveiled: Epic Games introduces a metric tying Fortnite creators' earnings to players' V-Bucks spending habits.
  • Enhanced Engagement: South African gamers can now influence creators' payouts by spending V-Bucks before or after engaging with custom content.
  • Empowering Local Creators: The initiative aims to foster a vibrant local gaming community, encouraging innovative and immersive Fortnite experiences.

Epic Games, the creators of the wildly popular online multiplayer game Fortnite, has announced a significant update to its Creator Economy 2.0 program, tailored for the gaming community. Starting from November 1st, Epic Games will be introducing a new payout metric that directly rewards Fortnite creators based on players’ V-Bucks spending habits before or after engaging with the creators’ custom-made Fortnite experiences. This new addition aims to revolutionize how creators are compensated, encouraging more innovative and engaging content within the South African gaming landscape.

Understanding the New Metric

Epic Games, in its bid to enhance the gaming experience and better acknowledge the influence of creators, will reward them when individual players spend V-Bucks in Fortnite during the entire week preceding or following their interaction with a creator’s personalized Fortnite adventure. This groundbreaking metric, added to the existing arsenal of engagement-based measurements, includes time played, player popularity, and player retention.

This move is set to create a more immersive environment for South African Fortnite enthusiasts. Creators will be inspired to craft captivating experiences, knowing that every player’s purchase directly impacts their earnings.

Impact on the Fortnite Economy

Epic Games stated in a recent blog post that this innovative metric aims to more accurately gauge a creator’s influence on the shared engagement payout pool and the overall growth of the Fortnite economy. The company believes that players who find joy in the game are more likely to invest in it, thereby fostering a symbiotic relationship between creators and players.

In a statement, Epic Games noted, “For creators, making fun and engaging experiences is the most important driver of long-term creator success.” This emphasis on enjoyment and interaction ensures that players are not only entertained but also incentivized to support the creators whose content they enjoy.

Implementation and Future Payouts

The new metric is set to go live on November 1st, coinciding with a period when V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency, are due to become marginally more expensive. The initial payouts influenced by this metric will be dispatched on December 30th. Epic Games has outlined a clear timeline, allowing creators to prepare and optimize their content for this exciting change.

Epic Games CEO’s Perspective

This new development aligns with Epic Games’ recent strategic shifts, placing a higher value on creator-made content within Fortnite. CEO Tim Sweeney emphasized the transformative role of creators, stating, “Fortnite’s growth is driven primarily by creator content with significant revenue sharing.” This shift underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a community-driven gaming experience, encouraging local South African creators to thrive.

South African Gamers’ Anticipation

South African gamers have long been a vibrant part of the global Fortnite community. With this tailored approach from Epic Games, the local gaming talent is poised to rise. As players gear up for the annual Halloween event, anticipation is high about the upcoming creator-made maps, especially considering the introduction of this new payout metric.


Epic Games’ decision to reward Fortnite creators based on players’ V-Bucks spending represents a landmark moment in the South African gaming scene. This innovative approach promises to empower local creators, ensuring a more immersive and enjoyable experience for players. As the gaming landscape evolves, South African gamers eagerly await the creative wonders that this new system is set to unleash.

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