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2024-01-29 7:35 AM

Former African Bank CEO’s Rooi Els Retreat: A Millionaire’s Haven

  • Exquisite Rooi Els Residence: The R75 million property, once owned by former African Bank CEO Leon Kirkinis, is an exquisite four-bedroom home named "Die Punt" in Rooi Els, Western Cape, South Africa.
  • Luxurious Features and Design: With two levels of living space offering stunning ocean and dune views, the residence boasts high-end features, including a Grapa wooden deck, saltwater pool, Smeg-equipped kitchen, reclaimed wood library, and advanced technology for modern living.
  • Secure and Modern Living: The property ensures safety with automated gates, an alarm system, and CorTen steel fencing. Additionally, advanced technology elements like high safety glass, a diesel-powered generator, touch-screen switches, and an easy-flow cooling system contribute to a secure and contemporary lifestyle.
By Miriam Matoma

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Rooi Els in the Western Cape, South Africa, the luxurious residence known as “Die Punt” is making waves in the real estate market. Formerly owned by the renowned banking CEO, Leon Kirkinis, this opulent four-bedroom property is currently listed for sale at an impressive R75 million. Managed by Property.CoZa, the estate offers a glimpse into a world of sophistication and natural beauty. This exclusive residence, situated on 10,400 sqm of private land within the Kogelberg nature reserve, boasts breathtaking views of mountains, beaches, boulders, and the serene expanse of the ocean.

Architectural Marvel:

Die Punt spans two levels of living space, providing an immersive experience of nature from every angle. The upper level offers captivating ocean views on three sides, while the lower level boasts dune views, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment. The property’s standout features include a Grapa wooden deck, saltwater pool, and frameless sliding doors that facilitate seamless indoor-outdoor living – a testament to the thoughtful design that enhances the overall living experience.

Luxurious Living Spaces:

With approximately 800 sqm of living space, Die Punt exudes an air of sophistication and comfort. The interior is adorned with natural stone and concrete floors, creating an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The kitchen, equipped with Smeg appliances and wine fridges, caters to the needs of culinary enthusiasts. The library is a tribute to history, featuring reclaimed wood from a 1720 Constantia farmhouse, adding character and warmth to the space. Three free-standing ceramic Japanese-style fireplaces and a wine cellar further enhance the ambiance, providing both style and functionality.

Amenities and Security:

The property ensures convenience and security with a garage that accommodates four cars and automated gates. An advanced alarm system and access gates made from CorTen steel fortify the residence against any security concerns. Additionally, the estate incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a master key for access, high safety glass, a diesel-powered generator for uninterrupted power supply, touch-screen computer-linked switches, and an easy-flow cooling system – all contributing to a modern and secure lifestyle.

Images that Capture the Essence:

To truly appreciate the grandeur of Die Punt, a visual journey through images is essential. The pictures below showcase the architectural brilliance, the stunning natural surroundings, and the meticulous attention to detail that defines this extraordinary residence.

Making It Relevant for South Africans:

As South Africa continues to thrive in the real estate market, Die Punt represents not just a property but a lifestyle. The Kogelberg nature reserve provides a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, allowing residents to reconnect with nature while enjoying the comforts of modern living. The incorporation of local elements, such as the use of reclaimed wood from a historic farmhouse, pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region.


In the heart of Rooi Els, Die Punt stands as a testament to architectural excellence and luxury living. The R75 million price tag reflects not only the opulence of the property but also the unique combination of natural beauty and modern conveniences it offers. With its panoramic views, state-of-the-art amenities, and meticulous design, this residence beckons those who seek a retreat that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. As the doors of Die Punt open to potential buyers, it invites them to step into a world where elegance, comfort, and nature converge in perfect harmony.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam