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Dan Marokane Appointed CEO for Transformation

  • Eskom, South Africa's leading power utility, appoints Dan Marokane as its new CEO, signaling a pivotal shift towards ethical leadership and a commitment to combatting past issues of state capture, fraud, and corruption.
  • Marokane's reinstatement embodies a resurgence of ethical governance within Eskom, drawing from his extensive experience in managing distressed organizations and navigating high-pressure turnaround situations, promising a fresh start for the utility.
  • His appointment comes amidst challenges facing South Africa's energy sector, aiming to usher in a new era of accountability, transparency, and sustainability, marking a crucial step towards revitalizing Eskom's operations and reputation.
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Miriam Matoma

In a move poised to reshape the trajectory of South Africa’s power sector, Eskom, the nation’s leading power utility, has announced the appointment of Dan Marokane as its new CEO. This highly anticipated decision solidifies Eskom’s commitment to addressing ethical concerns, revitalizing operations, and steering clear of the shadows cast by state capture, fraud, and corruption. Marokane is scheduled to assume his role as CEO on the 31st of March 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the utility’s journey toward redemption and sustainable performance.

Marokane’s return to Eskom signifies more than just a changing of the guard; it embodies a resurgence of ethical leadership and a renewed commitment to steering the utility away from the turbulence of the past. Previously suspended alongside three other senior executives for taking a principled stance against malpractice, his reinstatement symbolizes a pivotal shift in Eskom’s direction—one geared towards principled governance and transparent operations.

Having honed his expertise in managing distressed organizations amidst demanding turnaround mandates, Marokane brings a wealth of experience to the table. Eskom highlighted his extensive background, citing his proficiency in navigating high-pressure environments and implementing effective strategies in times of crisis.

Mteto Nyati, Chairman of the Eskom Board, emphasized the rigor and depth of the selection process that culminated in Marokane’s appointment. Nyati underscored the global scope of the search, stressing the importance of finding a candidate possessing not only leadership acumen but also a solid track record in the energy sector. Nyati expressed confidence in Marokane’s ability to collaborate effectively with the executive committee and the board, fostering a high-performance culture essential for Eskom’s transformation.

The incoming CEO steps into the shoes of Andre de Ruyter, who departed from the role a year earlier amidst waning support from the government and the board. De Ruyter’s resignation marked a tumultuous period for Eskom, prompting a critical need for a leader capable of steering the utility toward stability, efficiency, and ethical governance.

Marokane’s ascension to the CEO position signifies a pivotal moment for Eskom and holds immense implications for South Africa’s energy landscape. With the nation grappling with power supply challenges and a history of governance issues plaguing the utility, Marokane’s appointment offers a beacon of hope for a reinvigorated Eskom—one grounded in accountability, transparency, and sustainable practices.

The decision has already garnered significant attention within South Africa and beyond. As Eskom strives to reclaim its reputation and solidify its role as a cornerstone of the nation’s infrastructure, Marokane’s leadership is anticipated to usher in an era of renewed vigor and stability within the utility.

The appointment comes at a time when South Africa’s energy sector faces multifaceted challenges, including aging infrastructure, financial strains, and the imperative need to transition towards cleaner energy sources. Marokane’s strategic vision and leadership acumen are expected to play a pivotal role in navigating these complexities, paving the way for Eskom to emerge as a resilient and forward-thinking entity in the energy landscape.

Moreover, Marokane’s reinstatement embodies a crucial shift towards ethical governance within state-owned enterprises, setting a precedent for principled leadership and accountability. It signifies a concerted effort to confront past wrongdoings and chart a new course rooted in integrity and transparency.

As Eskom readies itself for a new chapter under Marokane’s leadership, stakeholders, including government entities, investors, consumers, and the general public, eagerly anticipate the unfolding transformation. The success of Marokane’s tenure will not only define Eskom’s resurgence but also serve as a testament to the potential for reform and rejuvenation within South Africa’s vital sectors.

The announcement of Dan Marokane’s appointment stands as a testament to Eskom’s commitment to fostering a culture of accountability and ethical governance, propelling the utility towards a future marked by sustainability, reliability, and responsible stewardship of the nation’s energy resources.

In conclusion, Dan Marokane’s appointment as Eskom’s CEO heralds a new era for the utility, promising a departure from past challenges and an unwavering commitment to ethical leadership. As South Africa embarks on a transformative journey within its energy landscape, Marokane’s stewardship is poised to shape not just Eskom’s future, but also the broader narrative of accountability and progress within the nation’s critical sectors.


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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam