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Clicks Group Adds Retail Veteran Richard Inskip to Board of Directors, Enhancing Expertise and Diversity

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  • Clicks Group Limited appoints Richard Inskip as an independent non-executive director, effective from July 1, 2023.
  • Richard Inskip brings extensive experience from senior roles at Woolworths and Massmart, with expertise in technology, e-commerce, data management, supply chain, strategy, and operations.
  • Clicks Group emphasizes diversity with 60% black and 40% female representation on the board, now consisting of eight independent non-executive directors and two executive directors.

Clicks Group Limited has announced the appointment of Richard Inskip as an independent non-executive director, effective from July 1, 2023. Inskip’s extensive experience in the retail sector, including senior roles at Woolworths and Massmart, makes him a valuable addition to the Clicks Group board.

Richard Inskip boasts an impressive 35-year career in the retail industry, having held prominent positions in well-known organizations. During his 17-year tenure at Woolworths, he served in various senior roles, notably as the operations and financial services director. In this capacity, Inskip was responsible for overseeing financial services, global supply chain, information technology, and corporate strategy. Additionally, he held an executive directorship at Woolworths Holdings for seven years.

Aside from his contributions to established companies, Inskip also embraced entrepreneurship and consultancy. He co-founded two retail and logistics businesses while working as an independent consultant. His expertise and insights were later sought by Massmart, where he transitioned from a consultant to a full-time executive in 2017. Inskip concluded his tenure at Massmart as the chief operating officer in 2022.

In addition to his new role at Clicks Group, Richard Inskip currently serves as a non-executive director of Hyprop Investments Limited, a listed property group. He has previously held a non-executive directorship at AVI Limited, further demonstrating his broad involvement in the business community. Notably, Inskip was a founding executive committee member of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, highlighting his dedication to industry development and collaboration.

David Nurek, Chairman of Clicks Group, expressed his confidence in Richard Inskip’s appointment, emphasizing the diverse range of expertise he brings to the table. Inskip’s proficiency spans several critical areas of retail, including technology, e-commerce, data management, supply chain, strategy, and operations. With his recent executive experience and deep industry knowledge, Inskip is expected to significantly contribute to the board’s decision-making processes and strategic discussions.

Following Richard Inskip’s appointment, the Clicks Group board will comprise eight independent non-executive directors and two executive directors. The board’s commitment to diversity is commendable, with 60% of its members being black and 40% being female. This inclusive approach aligns with Clicks Group’s broader vision of fostering equal representation and promoting diverse perspectives within its leadership team.



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