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Sun International Announces Strategic Divestment from TCN to Rutam Finance

  • Sun International's strategic move to sell its stake in TCN signifies a focus on core operations and financial optimization.
  • The proposed transaction with Rutam Finance Company Limited aims to reduce debt and enhance shareholder value.
  • This divestment aligns with Sun International's long-term growth strategy and commitment to financial stability.
Tsogo Sun

Sun International Limited’s recent announcement regarding the proposed disposal of its equity interest and loan account in The Tourist Company of Nigeria PLC (TCN) to Rutam Finance Company Limited (RFC) in Nigeria marks a significant strategic move in the company’s investment portfolio. This voluntary announcement brings to light the rationale, terms, financial implications, and conditions surrounding this transaction, shedding light on Sun International’s strategic direction and its impact on stakeholders.

Background and Rationale: Exiting Nigeria

Sun International’s decision to divest from its investment in Nigeria aligns with its strategic intention to streamline its portfolio and focus on core operations. Currently holding 49.3% of TCN’s issued shares, which operates as the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos, Sun International aims to optimize its resources and reduce exposure in non-core markets.

Proposed Transaction Overview:

The proposed transaction entails the sale of 43.3% of Sun International’s equity interest in TCN to RFC, along with the complete disposal of its loan account in TCN. This move is part of Sun International’s strategy to unlock value, streamline operations, and strengthen its financial position.

Salient Terms of the Transaction:

The key terms of the transaction include:

  • Disposal of 43.3% equity interest for US Dollars 1.875 million.
  • Disposal of 100% loan account for US Dollars 12.675 million.
  • Remaining 6% equity interest to be sold separately.
  • Waiver of pre-emptive rights by other major shareholders.
  • Closing date anticipated by 28 May 2024.

Selling Price and Financial Implications:

The selling price for equity interest and loan account totals US Dollars 14.55 million, contributing significantly to Sun International’s financial restructuring. With TCN’s adjusted earnings loss of R10 million included in the 2023 financial results, this transaction will lead to a substantial reduction in group debt, enhancing the company’s financial stability.

Conditions Precedent:

Several conditions must be fulfilled or waived for the transaction to proceed, including regulatory approvals in Nigeria, execution of agreements, and settlement of disputes between relevant parties. These conditions ensure a smooth transition and regulatory compliance.

Categorization and Compliance:

The proposed transaction falls outside the categories defined in the JSE Listings Requirements, highlighting Sun International’s proactive approach and commitment to transparency. This voluntary announcement underscores the company’s adherence to regulatory standards and best practices.


Sun International’s decision to divest its stake in TCN reflects a strategic realignment aimed at optimizing resources, reducing debt, and enhancing shareholder value. The proposed transaction with Rutam Finance Company Limited signifies a step towards financial stability and operational efficiency. By focusing on core operations and strategic investments, Sun International reaffirms its commitment to long-term growth and sustainability in the dynamic business landscape.



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