South Africa’s May Construction Material Prices: Metal Roofing Up 7.0%, Non-Metal Roofing Down 0.8%

  • Metal Roofing Prices Surge: Prices for metal roofing materials rose by 7.0% in May.
  • Decline in Non-Metal Roofing: Non-metal roofing materials experienced a slight decrease of 0.8%.
  • Overall Construction Materials Trend: May saw a mixed performance in construction material prices in South Africa.

The latest report from Statistics South Africa reveals a diverse trend in construction material prices for May 2024. While some materials experienced significant price increases, others saw moderate declines.

Monthly Increases and Decreases

Metal Roofing and Electrical Reticulation:

  • Metal roofing (aluminium) saw a notable increase of 7.0%. This rise is attributed to a 7.8% change in the SEIFSA index for aluminium products 99.7 EC grade rod.
  • Electrical reticulation costs climbed by 5.9%, driven by an 8.7% rise in the SEIFSA index for copper 7.9 mm rod and a 7.8% increase in the SEIFSA index for aluminium products.

Non-Metal Roofing and Reinforcement:

  • Non-metal roofing prices decreased by 0.8% due to a 2.0% decline in the PPI index for roof tiles.
  • The reinforcement index dropped by 0.9%, influenced by a 1.2% decrease in the PPI index for reinforcing metal work.

Construction Input Price Index (CIPI)

Overall Construction:

  • The annual change for total construction was 6.9% in May 2024, with a monthly increase of 0.5%.

Noteworthy Monthly Changes:

  • Bituminous mixtures: +5.5%
  • Construction pipes, tubes, and fittings: +5.4%
  • Electrical components: +5.0%
  • Electrical cable: +3.1%
  • Construction electric motors, generators, or transformers: -1.1%
  • Cement: -1.2%
  • Ready-mix concrete: -1.2%

Equipment and Engineering Indices

Mining and Construction Plant and Equipment:

  • The annual change for plant and equipment was 6.4%, with no monthly change.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering:

  • Mechanical engineering input prices increased annually by 4.6% and by 0.1% month-on-month.
  • Electrical engineering input prices rose by 8.8% annually and by 1.8% month-on-month.

Civil Engineering Material Prices:

  • The total index for civil engineering materials saw an annual increase of 7.4%, with a 0.1% rise month-on-month.

Detailed Analysis

CPAP Work Group Indices:

  • Alterations, earthworks, and piling showed minor changes.
  • Notable increases were observed in metal roofing, masonry, and ceilings.
  • Electrical installations and reticulation saw significant monthly increases.

CIPI Material Purchases:

  • Building installations and completion recorded notable annual and monthly increases.
  • Renting of construction equipment also showed an 8.5% annual increase.

Industry-Wide Material Purchases:

  • Construction stone, aggregate stone, and builders’ carpentry of wood experienced increases.
  • Cement and ready-mix concrete prices declined slightly, while electrical components and cables saw notable increases.


The construction material price indices for May 2024 reflect a mixed trend, with significant increases in certain categories like metal roofing and electrical reticulation, while others, such as non-metal roofing and reinforcement, experienced slight declines. This diverse trend highlights the varying pressures and changes within South Africa’s construction industry.