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Satrix Collective Investment Scheme Announces Partial Delisting of STXDIV Securities

  • Satrix Collective Investment Scheme announces partial delisting of 5,000,000 STXDIV securities from the JSE.
  • Redemption of 5 STXDIV baskets triggers the delisting, effective from May 12, 2023.
  • After the delisting, 686,389,818 STXDIV securities remain in circulation.

In a recent announcement, the Satrix Collective Investment Scheme revealed that a partial delisting of STXDIV securities has taken place. This move comes after the redemption of 5 STXDIV baskets, resulting in the delisting of 5,000,000 securities from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The delisting took effect from the commencement of business today.

The Satrix Collective Investment Scheme, registered under the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, 45 of 2002, is a well-established investment portfolio that offers a range of investment opportunities to individuals and institutional investors alike. The delisting of the STXDIV securities is a significant development within the scheme.

Following the delisting, the total number of STXDIV securities in circulation now stands at 686,389,818. This adjustment will have implications for investors and market participants, as the change in availability of securities may influence trading patterns and the overall market dynamics.

STXDIV, which stands for Satrix Dividend Plus, is an investment product that aims to provide investors with exposure to a diversified basket of dividend-paying companies listed on the JSE. It offers investors the opportunity to participate in the dividends distributed by these companies, thereby potentially generating income and capital growth.

The decision to redeem 5 STXDIV baskets and subsequently delist 5,000,000 securities suggests a strategic adjustment within the Satrix Collective Investment Scheme’s investment portfolio. It may indicate a reallocation of assets or a change in the overall investment strategy pursued by the scheme.

Investors who hold STXDIV securities are advised to review their portfolios and evaluate the potential impact of this delisting on their investment strategies. It is essential for investors to stay informed and consult with their financial advisors regarding any necessary adjustments to their investment plans.

The delisting of the 5,000,000 STXDIV securities from the JSE underscores the ever-evolving nature of the investment landscape. Changes in market conditions, investment strategies, and regulatory requirements can result in adjustments that directly affect investors. Therefore, it is crucial for investors to stay vigilant and adapt their investment approaches accordingly.

As the Satrix Collective Investment Scheme moves forward following this partial delisting, it will be interesting to observe how the remaining STXDIV securities perform in the market. Investors and market participants will be closely monitoring the scheme’s future developments and assessing the potential implications on the broader investment landscape.



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