Sasol Appoints Helaine Joubert as Acting Group Company Secretary

  • Leadership Change: Ms. Helaine Joubert appointed as Acting Group Company Secretary of Sasol, effective July 1, 2024.
  • Qualifications: Joubert has 20 years of experience, holds an LLB degree, and is an admitted advocate.
  • Future Announcement: Sasol will announce a permanent Group Company Secretary in the near future.

Sasol Limited has announced a significant leadership change. This follows the retirement of Ms. Michelle du Toit from her role as Group Company Secretary on June 30, 2024. Sasol’s board has appointed Ms. Helaine Joubert as the Acting Group Company Secretary, effective July 1, 2024.

Details of the Appointment

Ms. Helaine Joubert, currently serving as the Deputy Group Company Secretary, will step into the new role. With two decades of experience in corporate governance, she brings substantial expertise to the position. Joubert holds an LLB degree and is an admitted advocate, which adds to her robust professional profile.

Qualifications and Experience

The board of Sasol expressed confidence in Joubert’s capabilities. Her qualifications and extensive experience in the field position her well for the role. Below is a summary of her credentials:

Professional StatusAdmitted Advocate
Experience20 Years in Corporate Governance


The transition in leadership at Sasol highlights the company’s commitment to strong corporate governance. With Helaine Joubert’s appointment, Sasol aims to maintain its robust governance framework and ensure business continuity. Shareholders and stakeholders will be keenly watching for future announcements regarding the permanent appointment.

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