Kibo Energy Reconsiders Strategy, Cancels £500K Placing Amid Restructuring Shift

  • Kibo Energy PLC reconsiders strategic direction after consultations, particularly regarding board changes.
  • The company cancels a planned placing of £500,000, opting for a revised funding structure.
  • Kibo aims to transition into a broader-based energy company, exploring opportunities in the Oil & Gas sector.

Kibo Energy PLC has announced significant changes to its corporate restructuring plan. This follows a previous announcement on June 7, 2024.

Strategic Reassessment

Board Reconsiders Strategic Direction

The Board has decided to reconsider its strategic direction. This decision comes after consultations with stakeholders and advisors. The aim is to align with Kibo’s recovery strategy and broader energy transition plans.

Board Changes Unlikely

Initially, the Company announced several board changes. However, it now believes it is unlikely to proceed with all of them. The focus is on appointing a management team with relevant experience and expertise.

Exploring New Opportunities

Broadening Energy Focus

Kibo is looking to transition into a broader-based energy company. This includes exploring opportunities in the Oil & Gas sector. The move signals a significant shift from its renewable energy-only focus.

Funding and Financial Structure

Cancellation of Planned Placing

The proposed placing of £500,000 at 0.015 pence will not proceed. This was initially part of the restructuring plan announced earlier.

Revised Funding Structure

The Company will provide updates on a revised funding structure soon. This will detail how Kibo plans to finance its new strategic direction.

Stakeholder and Market Response

Consultations with Stakeholders

The decision follows extensive consultations with various stakeholders and advisors. The Company aims to ensure all moves align with its long-term recovery strategy.

Market Expectations

Investors and analysts will be watching closely. The shift to include Oil & Gas could affect market perceptions and valuations.

Company Statements

CEO’s Remarks

Louis Coetzee, CEO of Kibo Energy PLC, commented on the developments. “We believe this strategic reassessment is crucial for our long-term success,” he said. “Our goal is to transition into a more versatile energy company.”


Kibo Energy PLC’s strategic reassessment marks a significant shift. The Company is looking to broaden its energy focus, including potential ventures in Oil & Gas. Investors await further details on board composition and the revised funding structure.

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