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Unlocking Value Through Share Repurchase: Tharisa’s Strategic Move

  • Tharisa plc announces a US$5 million share repurchase program to enhance shareholder value and signal confidence.
  • Peel Hunt LLP is appointed to manage the repurchase, ensuring strategic execution and regulatory compliance.
  • The repurchase aims to increase EPS, demonstrate capital discipline, and reflect Tharisa's strong business prospects.

Tharisa plc recently announced a US$5 million general share repurchase program. This strategic move aims to enhance shareholder value and reflects Tharisa’s confidence in its business prospects.

Understanding Share Repurchase

A share repurchase, also known as a buyback, is when a company buys its own outstanding shares from the market. This can be a way for companies to return value to shareholders, signal confidence in future earnings, and support the stock price.

Tharisa’s Share Repurchase Program

Tharisa’s shareholders approved a special resolution allowing the company to repurchase up to 10% of its outstanding ordinary shares. This equates to approximately 30 million shares based on the current share count.

Reasons Behind the Repurchase

The decision to repurchase shares stems from Tharisa’s belief that its shares are undervalued. Despite challenges in the PGM commodity price environment, the company’s strong performance in chrome sales has not been fully reflected in its stock price.

Appointment of Peel Hunt LLP

Peel Hunt LLP has been appointed to manage and carry out on-market purchases of Tharisa’s shares as principal. This strategic partnership aims to optimize the repurchase process and maximize shareholder value.

Key Aspects of the Repurchase Program

  1. Timing and Duration: The repurchase period spans from 26 March 2024 to 21 February 2025, providing flexibility for strategic buying opportunities.
  2. Maximum Amount and Limits: The program has a maximum cap of US$5 million, and the price at which shares are repurchased is subject to specific limits to prevent excessive premiums or discounts.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Tharisa will adhere to regulatory guidelines and provide transparent disclosures regarding the repurchase activities.
  4. Treasury Management: Repurchased shares will be held in treasury for up to two years, offering flexibility for potential future use or cancellation if not reissued within the specified timeframe.

Benefits of Share Repurchase

  1. Enhanced Earnings Per Share (EPS): With fewer outstanding shares, Tharisa’s EPS could potentially increase, benefiting existing shareholders.
  2. Signal of Confidence: The share repurchase signals Tharisa’s confidence in its business model, financial strength, and long-term prospects despite short-term market challenges.
  3. Capital Discipline: By repurchasing shares at perceived undervaluation, Tharisa demonstrates disciplined capital allocation and strategic financial management.

Illustrative Example: Impact on EPS

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the impact of the share repurchase on Tharisa’s EPS:

MetricsBefore RepurchaseAfter Repurchase
Outstanding Shares302,596,743272,596,743
Net Income$100 million$100 million
Earnings Per Share (EPS)$0.33$0.37

In this example, the reduction in outstanding shares due to the repurchase leads to a higher EPS, potentially attracting more investors and positively impacting the stock price.


Tharisa’s US$5 million share repurchase program represents a strategic move aimed at unlocking shareholder value, signaling confidence in its business, and showcasing capital discipline. This initiative, combined with the company’s strong fundamentals and growth prospects, positions Tharisa for long-term success in the dynamic resource sector. Investors can monitor Tharisa’s progress and future announcements to gauge the impact of the repurchase program on the company’s financial performance and shareholder returns.



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