Old Mutual Granted Approval to Establish a Bank: A Strategic Move in the Financial Landscape

Old Mutual Limited has recently received approval under Section 17 of the Banks Act to establish a bank. This milestone marks a significant strategic move for Old Mutual, positioning it for enhanced financial services and market reach.

The Regulatory Approval Process:

The journey towards establishing a bank involved a stringent regulatory review under Section 16 of the Banks Act, emphasizing compliance and financial stability.

Key Steps in the Regulatory Process:

  1. Application Submission: Old Mutual submitted a comprehensive application outlining its plans, strategies, and financial capabilities.
  2. Regulatory Review: The Prudential Authority conducted a thorough review, assessing Old Mutual’s readiness and adherence to banking regulations.
  3. Approval and Conditions: Upon meeting regulatory standards, Old Mutual received approval under Section 17 of the Banks Act, subject to specific license conditions.

Strategic Implications for Old Mutual:

The approval to establish a bank holds several strategic implications for Old Mutual’s business and market positioning.

Expansion of Financial Services: Old Mutual’s entry into banking allows for a broader spectrum of financial solutions, catering to both retail and corporate customers.

Diversification and Revenue Streams: Establishing a bank diversifies Old Mutual’s revenue streams, reducing reliance on specific financial products or services.

Competitive Edge and Market Presence: With a bank in its portfolio, Old Mutual gains a competitive edge, enhancing its market presence and relevance in the financial sector.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Old Mutual’s strategic move aligns with its customer-centric approach, focusing on delivering comprehensive financial solutions and becoming customers’ first choice.

Integrated Financial Services Model: The establishment of a bank complements Old Mutual’s Integrated Financial Services model, offering seamless solutions across banking, insurance, and investments.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers benefit from a one-stop-shop for their financial needs, including banking services integrated with existing Old Mutual offerings.

Industry Testing and Integration:

Old Mutual’s next phase involves rigorous industry testing and integration into the National Payments System, ensuring operational readiness and seamless service delivery.

Partnerships and Collaboration: Old Mutual collaborates with selected bank partners during the testing phase, leveraging industry expertise and best practices.

National Payments System Integration: Successful testing leads to the full integration of the new OM Bank into the National Payments System, facilitating efficient transactions and financial operations.

Strategic Leadership and Vision:

Iain Williamson, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Old Mutual, emphasizes the strategic significance of establishing a bank in line with the company’s vision and growth objectives.

Strategic Delivery Journey Acceleration: The approval accelerates Old Mutual’s strategic delivery journey, aligning with its goal to build an Integrated Financial Services business.

Customer Prosperity and Satisfaction: Old Mutual’s strategic move aims to sustain, grow, and protect customer prosperity, positioning the company as a trusted financial partner.

Corporate Impact and Market Positioning:

The establishment of OM Bank impacts Old Mutual’s corporate identity, market positioning, and stakeholder perceptions.

Brand Strength and Recognition: OM Bank enhances Old Mutual’s brand strength, recognition, and competitiveness in the financial services sector.

Investor Confidence and Market Response: The approval to establish a bank boosts investor confidence, leading to positive market response and potential growth opportunities.


Old Mutual’s approval to establish a bank signifies a pivotal moment in its strategic evolution, enhancing its financial services, market reach, and customer-centric approach. As Old Mutual navigates the industry testing phase and integrates OM Bank into the National Payments System, stakeholders anticipate continued growth, innovation, and value creation in the financial landscape.