Lighthouse Properties p.l.c. Completes Acquisition of H2O Centro Comercial in Spain

Lighthouse Properties p.l.c., a registered company in Malta, has recently finalized the acquisition of H2O Centro Comercial, a prominent mall located in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Spain. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for Lighthouse as it expands its presence in the European real estate market.

Overview of Lighthouse Properties p.l.c.

Lighthouse Properties p.l.c. is a well-established real estate company with a focus on acquiring and managing commercial properties. The company’s portfolio includes various properties across different sectors, including retail, office spaces, and residential developments.

Acquisition Details

The acquisition of H2O Centro Comercial was conducted through Lighthouse’s wholly-owned Spanish subsidiary, Lighthouse Spanish Properties SOCIMI, S.A.U. This subsidiary was specifically established to facilitate investments and operations in Spain’s real estate sector.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition

  • Location: H2O Centro Comercial is strategically located in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, a bustling area with high foot traffic and strong commercial potential. The mall’s prime location offers ample opportunities for attracting both local residents and tourists.
  • Property Type: The acquisition adds a significant retail asset to Lighthouse’s portfolio. With a mall as part of its holdings, the company can diversify its revenue streams and tap into the retail sector’s growth potential.
  • Transaction Completion: The acquisition process was successfully completed on 3 April 2024, signifying Lighthouse’s commitment to executing strategic investment initiatives efficiently.

Strategic Rationale

The acquisition aligns with Lighthouse’s strategic goals of expanding its real estate holdings and diversifying its investment portfolio. By acquiring a mall in a prime location, the company can capitalize on the growing demand for commercial properties in Spain.

Market Potential and Growth Prospects

Spain’s real estate market, particularly in commercial properties, has shown resilience and growth potential. With improving economic conditions and increasing consumer spending, malls and retail spaces are becoming attractive investment options for real estate companies like Lighthouse.


Lighthouse Properties p.l.c.’s successful acquisition of H2O Centro Comercial reflects its strategic vision and commitment to growth in the European real estate market. The addition of a prime retail asset strengthens Lighthouse’s portfolio and positions the company for long-term success and value creation. With a focus on operational excellence and market-driven strategies, Lighthouse continues to demonstrate its leadership in the finance and real estate sectors.