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Libstar Holdings Revamps Board Committees to Strengthen Governance and Drive Growth

  • Libstar Holdings announces changes to its Board committees, with Ms. Anneke Andrews and Ms. Terri Ladbrooke joining the Investment Committee and Ms. Terri Ladbrooke replacing Mr. Charl De Villiers in the Social, Ethics, and Transformation Committee.
  • The changes are intended to enhance the company's governance and leadership structures.
  • The appointment of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited as Libstar's sponsor highlights its commitment to transparency and compliance.

Libstar Holdings Limited unveiled significant changes to its Board committees, effective from June 22, 2023. The adjustments are aimed at bolstering the company’s governance and leadership structures, ensuring a robust framework for decision-making and strategic planning.

Under the guidelines set forth in paragraph 3.59(c) of the JSE Limited Listings Requirements, Libstar’s Board of directors wishes to inform shareholders of the following key developments within the committees:

Investment Committee:

Two notable appointments have been made to the Investment Committee. Ms. Anneke Andrews, an independent non-executive director (INED), and Ms. Terri Ladbrooke, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and executive director (ED), have joined the committee. These esteemed professionals bring their extensive experience and expertise to bolster the committee’s strategic oversight of investment decisions and strategies.

The revised membership of the Investment Committee is as follows:

  • Mr. JP Landman (INED chairman)
  • Ms. Anneke Andrews (INED)
  • Mr. Sandeep Khanna (INED)
  • Mr. Charl De Villiers (ED)
  • Ms. Terri Ladbrooke (ED)

Social, Ethics, and Transformation Committee:

The Social, Ethics, and Transformation Committee, responsible for overseeing ethical practices, social responsibility initiatives, and transformation objectives, has witnessed changes resulting from recent executive appointments. Ms. Terri Ladbrooke, assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer, has been appointed as a member of the committee, succeeding Mr. Charl De Villiers, who now serves as Chief Executive Officer.

The updated membership of the Social, Ethics, and Transformation Committee is as follows:

  • Ms. Sibongile Masinga (INED chairman)
  • Ms. Wendy Luhabe (INED)
  • Ms. Terri Ladbrooke (ED)

These changes signify Libstar Holdings’ commitment to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and further enhancing the expertise within its board committees. The company anticipates that the newly appointed members will play pivotal roles in shaping decision-making processes and overall governance strategies.

Libstar Holdings, headquartered in Cape Town, operates across multiple sectors, including food and beverage manufacturing, household and personal care products, and distribution. By strengthening its board committees, the company aims to maintain its position as a leading player in the South African market and foster continued growth and success.



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