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2022-06-08 2:27 PM

Key benefits of the Community Based Token (CBT) – Crypto

By William Dube

The Community Based Token (CBT) is a South African pioneered blockchain rewards program that seeks to have a significant impact on existing loyalty programs in a variety of areas. The technology will enable the efficient usage of a cryptocurrency token in markets without requiring a large revamp of existing financial infrastructure. It also allows firms to avoid the liabilities associated with unredeemed reward points.

CBT, as a new cryptocurrency, is heavily focused on improving micropayments. It is only a matter of time before all loyalty programs transition to blockchain technology. The business rewards market is rapidly changing, as are client expectations. 

Today’s customer pain issues will shape tomorrow’s innovations. The CBT blockchain rewards program technology for loyalty programs will not only enable more enterprises to explore the capabilities, but it will also alter the future of small businesses.

CBT (Community Business Token) has created a B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) digital marketplace with its own blockchain rewards token. The CBT token was designed for any type of rewards program, making installation extremely simple and cost effective.

Why CBT?


CBT brings transparency to the world of rewards programs. As the first blockchain rewards program in South Africa it introduces a new dimension in how businesses reward their customers and or clients.


The biggest benefit of blockchain technology is its immutability. CBT is built on the Ethereum Blockchain whereby all transactions can be viewed via Etherscan, ultimately making it easy for the business to be held to account.

Community Projects

CBT Funding is primarily intended for a variety of community programs such as child education, community support, community health, and entrepreneurial skill development.

Where can I buy CBT?

If you’re wondering where to buy Community Business Token, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Community Business Token stock right now are LATOKEN and Bitsten.

Article contributed by Dewald Rosema

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