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2023-09-20 10:09 AM

USD Steadies Pre-FOMC: South Africa Awaits Key Financial Insights

  • The USD Index (DXY) is showing stability around the 105.00 mark, leading up to the pivotal midweek FOMC announcement.
  • Investors largely anticipate the Federal Reserve to maintain the current interest rate, with major attention directed towards Chairman Jerome Powell's press briefing for future financial direction insights.
  • The robust US economy continues to support the US dollar, with various key economic metrics and global events, including rate cut speculations and geopolitical tensions, in focus for the upcoming sessions.
By Nonhlanhla

As global financial scenes unfold, the US dollar exhibits stability in the vicinity of the low 105.00s, as captured by the USD Index (DXY), leading up to the European market’s initiation this Wednesday.

All Eyes on the FOMC Meet

Trading trends around the USD Index persist just above the 105.00 mark, portraying limited fluctuations. This steady stance is emblematic of the typical tranquillity that precedes the midweek FOMC announcement.

As the European evening approaches, market experts anticipate consistent trading patterns leading up to the pivotal FOMC event. The consensus among investors leans towards the Federal Reserve’s decision to retain the current interest rate. Nonetheless, keen attention will be directed towards Chairman Jerome Powell’s press briefing for insights into the central bank’s future financial direction.

For those monitoring US economic metrics, the upcoming session will reveal the customary weekly Mortgage Applications, as per MBA’s tracking.

USD Dynamics: Key Insights

The 105.00 threshold seems to be resisting bearish inclinations consistently in the index dynamics.

Concurrently, the US dollar garners support from the robust American economy. This strength dovetails with the Federal Reserve’s narrative of maintaining a tightened monetary stance for an extended duration. Notable US events this week include MBA Mortgage Applications, the FOMC’s rate decision and press conference, and more.

Lingering topics of global interest encompass debates on the US economy’s trajectory – whether it’s headed for a soft or hard landing. Moreover, early 2024 rate cut speculations and geopolitical tensions, especially concerning Russia and China, are in focus.

Vital USD Index Levels to Watch

Currently, the index notes a slight decline of 0.06% at 105.13. Should it dip below 104.42 (recorded as the weekly low on September 11), doors might swing open towards 103.03 (200-day SMA), followed by 102.93 (noted as the weekly low on August 30). On the upward trajectory, potential resistance could be met at 105.43 (marked as the monthly peak on September 14), which is closely followed by 105.88 (2023’s high on March 8), with 106.00 as the significant round level.

For South African investors and businesses with a keen interest in USD-ZAR dynamics, these global USD Index movements offer critical insights. The outcomes from the FOMC meeting and other highlighted events can significantly shape trade, investment, and monetary decisions in the Rainbow Nation.

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Nonhlanhla P Dube is a senior news reporter. Nonhlanhla is a student of International Relations at the University of South Africa. She reports primarily on personal finance and economics. You can contact her on: Email:

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